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The/Studio is a runway quality fashion house that was founded on the core value of creating a platform that allows anyone to create high quality fashion.  Although we adhere to the same quality and design standards as a normal fashion house, we have completely revolutionized the process in which fashion is designed and produced.

Patches by The/Studio is one of our specialized departments that promises to deliver to businesses, schools and organizations the ability to create an embroidered patch that is truly customized and is made with the same quality standards as a patch used in real fashion apparel.  Patches by The/Studio is truly unique in our industry in that we strictly adhere to a motto we created which we refer to as TCFQ for short.  True Customization. Fashion Quality ™.




You will find that there are a lot of companies that can create embroidered patches, but we truly believe that the approach of our competitors is completely incorrect.  Embroidered patches in our industry are treated like promotional products.  They are treated as a product that is meant to be used a few times and then disregarded.  The focus is on low price and low quality.

However, we realize that an embroidered patch is actually a fashion statement and we truly believe that it should be treated that way.  An embroidered patch is something that we adhere to our garment to express our pride in our organization or its used on a business or sports uniform.  Regardless of the application an embroidered patch is more of a fashion statement than the logo of a famous fashion brand, because there is a connection between you and the logo embroidered onto your patches.




Our approach is that as soon as you fill out our quote form we will assign you to a Creative Specialists.  Our Creative Specialists are rigorously trained about all aspects of embroidery.  They understand which designs will look good in embroidery, they know how to work with you to change your design to get the best quality results, and they understand all of the special materials available to create your patch, such as thread, twill backing, iron on backing, glow in the dark threads, metallic threads, merrowed borders, etc…  Our Creative Specialist are trained to find a solution to create any embroidered patch that our customer can imagine, and they are trained to work with you to make sure that we can meet your deadlines.

If you don’t already have a design we actually have an incredible solution for you.  If you want to have a design designed before creating your embroidered patch, expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $1000 to contract the work out to a graphic designer.  We allow our customers free use of our in house fashion and graphic design team.  If you have no design at all or if you need your design modified, our Creative Specialists will work together with you and our design team.




Patches by The/Studio is also the first company in the embroidered patch industry that allowed our customers to purchase as few as only 10 pieces.  You must be thinking that our prices must be expensive because we offer such low minimums, we offer True Customization ™, we offer fashion quality patches, and we allow you to use our designers free of charge.  Actually you will find that our prices are extremely competitive.

Our prices are extremely competitive because we produce large quantities of patches and embroidered products every month and because we offer an extremely efficient ordering process.  Not only do we work with our factory suppliers in the production of embroidered patches, but we also do a lot of direct garment embroidery every month.  This means that we can negotiate extremely competitive prices and we pass those savings onto you.

Furthermore, the entire concept behind The/Studio from day one has been to use technology to completely revolutionize the way fashion was produced. We don’t buy from middlemen, we don’t have an unnecessarily plush office, store or showroom.  We simply offer a platform that allows you to create the same quality embroidered patches that would be featured on a fashion brand, direct from the factory.  We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in our custom product web application which will allow you to control every aspect of the production of your patch.

Now that you know a little bit about Patches by The/Studio call us at 877.647.6447 and speak to one of our Creative Specialists or fill out our quote form  and one of our Creative Specialists will contact you.