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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Custom Socks by The/Studio

Custom socks are an evergreen product with so much potential for marketing and brand awareness in today’s multi-channel consumer climate. That’s why The/Studio is so excited to help you create the product of your dreams, whether you’re dabbling in athleisure, starting a whole new brand, or just introducing a new product.

When you make custom socks with The/Studio’s on-demand manufacturing service, you can.

1. Get exactly what you want with our free design service.

Proud to offer deep design, we work on your prototype until you’re happy – at no extra cost.

Here’s how it works: Once our team has created your design, we’ll send you a digital mockup. We’ll make adjustments until you’ve got the product you want. Upon your approval, we’ll then produce a physical sample of the socks and send you images from the factory.

You can also request to receive a physical sample by mail. Just note that this will add time to your overall production timeline, as well as a shipping fee.

2. Use one of three fabrication methods to fit your unique needs.

We produce your custom socks using one of the following fabrication methods: jacquard/knitted, dye sublimated, and 360-degree printed. Let’s break that down.

Jacquard/knitted – This is the traditional method for fabricating socks. It just means your design is woven directly into the sock, rather than printed or emblazoned.

Dye sublimated – This is what you want for “wilder” designs, i.e. irregular shapes, images, or any design not easily knitted into the body of the sock.

360-degree printing – An upgraded dye sublimation, 360-degree printing has higher color fidelity and printing precision.

Learn more in our Socks 101 blog.

3. Choose from a half-dozen popular styles.

Whatever kind of sock you need, we’ve got it: No show, crew, knee-high, athletic, no slip, plus branded socks in any of these styles.

4. Brand your customers’ unboxing experience with custom kitting. 

Sure, your socks may speak for themselves. But today’s market is all about memorable experiences. Give your customers something to talk about – and a brand to remember – by decking out your custom socks with custom backing, tags, labels and packaging.

5. Rest easy with our transparent production process.

We won’t leave you hanging. During the design and manufacturing processes, your representative will fill you in on delivery and shipment estimates. We’ll also keep you updated by email as your order makes its way through our system.

6. Skip the inventory risk with easy sizing.

Our sock sizes each fit a range of about three shoe sizes, so no worries about ordering too many (or too few) pairs of a particular size. Socks are a flexible product, literally and figuratively. If you’re trying to keep your business nimble so you can react quickly to market needs, custom socks are a great way to go. 

7. Get first-hand expertise from one of our creative designers…

If there’s anything our creative team knows, it’s socks. We’ll  walk you through everything you need to know to create the product of your dreams.

8. …or take matters into your own hands with our Create Your Product tool.

Already know what you want? Our Create Your Product too lets you get right into the DIY spirit, and start creating right there from your screen.

9. Stay plugged in with our cloud-based platform.

You need quality, speed, and most of all, accurate information about the progress of your project. We provide all three with our cloud-based platform, taking manufacturing into the 21st century so you can meet your customers wherever they are.

10. Get what you need without the wait. 

Our fast turnaround times mean you can get high-quality custom socks into your team’s, club’s, or customers’ hands the minute you need them, all at lower costs than the other guys.

Got Questions?

The experts over at The/Studio are happy to walk you through anything you need to know about custom socks and beyond. Reach out today and learn more about how we’re making manufacturing more accessible with custom, on-demand manufacturing.




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