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15 Custom Patch and Pin Ideas for School Backpacks 

September 8, 2021

15 Custom Patch and Pin Ideas for School Backpacks 

With school already in session for most elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities around the country, chances are most of your customers already have the book-bag or backpack they’ll be using all picked out. But when it comes to actually personalizing that bag… well, they could probably still use some help!

Patches and pins are a great choice for customizing clothing or accessories. They’re durable, yet removable so you can move them to a different outfit or bag. They make a statement, but they’re small enough to not call too much attention to themselves. And since their manufacturing costs can be very low, they’re available at a competitive price even a college student can afford.

Here at The/Studio, creators have the power to bring just about any product idea to life – whether it’s a personalized quote pin, a fluffy food patch, or a product that represents their own school and graduating year. And the best part? No DIY or craft skills required – it’s possible to customize your patch or pin, design your product, and get your product manufactured all online.

Over the years, we’ve helped plenty of businesses, schools, and small-scale creators design fun patches and pins for school backpacks. Here are 15 of our favorites – let them inspire you to create your own unique design!

Custom Patches for School Backpacks

Patches are a durable, textured way to add personality to a plain backpack. At The/Studio, you can create patches of all shapes and sizes, from traditional embroidered patches to fluffy chenille patches to ultra-detailed printed patches and beyond. Plus, with multiple backing options available, you could create a permanent patch with an iron-on backing or a removable patch with magnetic or pin backing. The choice is yours! Explore the patch customization process here.

Rainbow Parrot Patch

custom pin manufacturer

This textured embroidered patch can add an exotic pop of color to even the most drab backpack. We love how the vibrant colors contrast against the black border design.

Bob Ross Patch

custom printed patch

Who better to accompany you to school than kind artist extraordinaire, Bob Ross? This patch features a printed design with vibrant color and a photorealistic look worthy of its subject.

Small Town Girl Patch

custom embroidered patches

This patch is perfect for female students leaving their hometown to go off to school. Borrowing from the Journey song, it features a cool contrasting color palette and a traditional embroidered style. We love how the script and bold fonts complement one another.

Music Junkie Patch

custom designed patches

Who doesn’t love music? This patch features a retro font and a bold orange and black color palette, complete with chunky embroidered texture. Patches for music lovers are always major crowd pleasers – you could always take this same phrase and create a patch with a different font or color scheme, or opt for a specific band logo or music symbol instead.

Colorful Musician Patch

create your own custom patch

Same love of music, totally different execution! This vibrant patch features an abstract printed design with a contrasting embroidered border. We love how it blends a favorite hobby with a beautiful art print.

Fluffy Cat Patch

personalized patches online

How could anyone resist? This fluffy cat patch is adorable for little kids and adult cat-lovers alike. We love how it utilizes textured fabric and a contrasting border. If you’re looking to create a similar patch, choose the chenille patch option in The/Studio’s customization tool.

Textured Monkey Patch

patches custom made no minimum

A little bit cheeky, a little bit mysterious, all cool. This patch combines chenille and felt for a textured, 3D look. We love how the colorful lightning bolt pops against the gray and black background. Its mostly-muted color scheme would go along with any backpack! 

Chenille Rainbow Patch

lgbtq custom patch manufacturers the studio

Textured patches and plain backpacks are a match made in heaven! This fluffy 3D rainbow patch is adorable for a little girl’s backpack, or equally great for LGBTQ+ identities and allies of all ages. But one thing’s for sure – rainbow backpack patches are super popular, no matter how you choose to execute your design.

UFO Pizza Patch

custom product manufacturers

Color, pizza, and aliens – what’s not to love? Funny patches like this one are always popular. This tongue-in-cheek patch instantly communicates a sense of humor and great taste in food. It’s great for college students who don’t take themselves too seriously!

Chocolate Patch

design your own custom patch

Warning: may cause cravings. This screen-printed chocolate bar patch makes a fun addition to any backpack. You could create custom backpack patches with any customer-favorite treats – popcorn, hot dogs, pizza, etc.

Mountains Are Calling Patch

custom patch for fitness

On the weekends, a school backpack might just double as a hiking backpack – and even during the week, the mountains might just keep on calling. Create a travel patch to help students show off their wanderlust.

Custom Pins for School Backpacks

Pins add a pop of color and charm to any backpack. At The/Studio, you can create classic enamel pins, die-struck pins, 3D mold pins, and more – and with tons of color and material options to choose from, it’s easy to make a pin that’s totally unique. (But you can still get inspired by other designs, of course!) Explore the pin customization process here.

Sandwiches Pin

best custom pins manufacturer

If you know, you know! Not only does this pin feature a cute sandwich design, it also features a quote from Frozen. A cleverly designed TV or movie quote pin is a great way to help students show off their favorite shows and find other fans in the process!

Happy Place Plant Pin

make personalized pins

A must for any plant lover. This cute pin combines clear text with a pretty plant design, making it an understated addition to any book-bag.

Plastic Sucks Pin

best custom backpack pins online

Help your socially-conscious customers how off their love for the environment… and their hatred of anything that threatens it, no matter how common or shiny! Many college students love pins that support issues they care about. 

Yellow Rose Pin

pins for school backpacks online

Not every pin needs to communicate a clear message! Create an enamel pin that simply adds a decorative, feminine touch. We love how the yellow rose petals and green leaves are beautifully complemented by a gold finish in this pin.

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