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20 Personalized Back-to-School Custom Product Ideas

Summer’s out, school’s in – which means school shopping is in full swing! While many students and parents may be filling up their carts with school supplies, backpacks, and new outfits, there’s plenty of room for other back-to-school custom products to round those items out and add an extra element of self-expression. As many students and teachers start to head back to school in person for the first time in a long time, customized products can make that transition a little more fun and personalized.

Now is a great time to introduce new products designed especially for students or teachers heading back to school in your school store or online shop.

Over the years, we’ve created thousands of high-quality custom products for back-to-school and beyond. We’ve put together a list of 20 back-to-school custom product ideas you could sell in your shop or school, all of which can be created online using The/Studio’s handy DIY product creation tool. Let them inspire you to let your own creativity flow freely!

Back to School Hats

Whether used for expressing a favorite hobby, showing affiliation with a certain school, or simply hiding a bad hair day, hats are great for heading back to school. Learn more about custom hats you could create here. 


Hobby Hat

Create a line of custom-designed hats featuring different hobbies, such as cycling (pictured). These hats are great for expressing individuality or even for school teams or clubs to wear together. We love how this solid-colored baseball cap uses a small embroidered design to make an impact without being too over-the-top. 

custom embroidered dad hats online


School Colors Beanie

Create beanies featuring your school colors or an entire line of beanies featuring the school colors of various high schools or universities in the area. They’re perfect for repping during chilly outdoor games or when walking around campus outside during the winter. Add a pom as pictured or keep things simple with just the stripe!

design custom beanie

Neutral Hat

Back to school means back to early mornings… and sometimes, hair doesn’t always cooperate. Create fun colorful or neutral-toned hats that could be worn with just about any outfit. You could add different colors in a five-panel hat as pictured, or choose just one or two colors for less of a statement.

custom hats manufacturer

Back to School Patches

Back-to-school patches are perfect for decorating school uniforms, backpacks, and more. They’re also great for teachers who want to send a fun message. Learn more about custom patches you could create here.

Volunteer Patch

Help school volunteers or visitors instantly identify themselves by creating volunteer patches. While they may not be as fun or expressive, they’re extremely useful. (Custom lanyards are also a great way to do this!) You could create the patches in your school colors to add a personalized touch.

school volunteer custom patches

Hobby Patches

Create patches that allow teachers and students to show off their favorite interests or hobbies, whether music, art, or something else entirely. We love the contrasting colors in this Music Junkie patch. Plus, Bob Ross’s gentle and patient teaching style makes him perfect for new teachers to represent.

music custom patch

Identity Patches

Show off your own identity with pride or let others know you’re a safe space. This colorful, artistic patch depicting transgender identities makes a perfect statement to celebrate a marginalized community. Plus, this colorful chenille rainbow patch is perfect for teachers looking to convey a loving message of acceptance to LGBTQIA+ students and faculty. (Looking for other pride patch inspiration? Click here!)

lgbtq custom patch manufacturers the studio

Sports Patch

Play ball! Create custom patches especially for sports teams or fans. You could create a patch for a specific team, like Wayland Kindergarten Fall Soccer as pictured, or create a patch with a generic sports pattern so any fan of the game itself can rep one of their favorite activities. 

sport embroidered patches online

Back to School Pins

Pins are especially popular for the back-to-school season because they’re so versatile. They can easily be moved from outfit to outfit or book-bag to book-bag. Learn more about custom pins you could create here.

Interest Pin

School subjects aren’t everything! Create pins that allow students and teachers to rep their favorite things – foods, animals, or something else entirely! It doesn’t take a big pin to convey a big message – for example, this pink paw print says, “I’m an animal lover,” this bottle sticker says, “I care about the environment,” and this sheep sticker says, “I love to knit… and I have a sense of humor about it!”

best custom backpack pins online

Sports Pin

Rep your favorite way of staying fit! Sports pins are perfect for decorating team uniforms or gym bags. This running shoe pin is great for members of the Track and Field team or casual runners. You could also create pins for soccer teams, basketball teams, swim teams, baseball teams, or any other sport that’s popular in your community.

best lapel pins for sports

Teacher Pin

This adorable little girl pin is perfect for elementary school teachers and administrators who want to show off their love of children. You could also design pins that make great teacher gifts, with an apple design or “World’s Best Teacher” printed on them.

custom pin manufacturing for backpacks

Award Pin

Pins make great, low-cost prizes and awards. We love this example of a perfect attendance award – create one for your local school featuring school colors and/or mascots.

school pin manufacturer the studio

Inspirational Pins

A teacher’s role isn’t just to teach – it’s also to inspire and cultivate. Simply wearing a motivational pin can help students have a better attitude about school and learning in general! We love how this Stay Curious pin pairs a happy message with a cute dog design, and how this Follow Your Heart pin uses contrasting colors to send two messages in one.

design custom school pins

Back to School Socks

Socks are a perfect way to add personality to a school outfit without drawing too much attention to yourself. Learn more about custom socks you could create here.

Teacher Socks

Design socks that are meant to be given as teacher gifts. We love these fun-loving socks with an owl print, a symbol of wisdom and learning. You could also create socks with an apple, pencil, or book pattern.

design personalized socks the studio

School Color Socks

Help incoming students rep their school colors from head to toe! You could opt for a classic thick stripe design with an embroidered accent, or go for a more fun print and print the school’s logo on the cuff.

personalized socks no minimum




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