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20+ Ideas for Food-Themed Custom Patches and Pins

Thinking of making custom patches or pins for your online store?

That’s a great idea – but next up, you’ll have to figure out what sort of designs you’ll feature! When it comes to custom products, the possibilities are literally endless. You could create band patches, quote pins, travel patches, commemorative pins, scout patches, fashion pins, and so much more. (More patch and pin ideas here!)

But if you’re looking for a fun, crowd-pleasing product idea that customers of all ages and tastes will enjoy, you’ve got to try food-themed patches and pins! They’re perfect for online stores, local restaurants looking to expand into merch, food-themed events, and more.

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients create food-themed patches, pins, and other custom products to sell to their customers. With The/Studio’s convenient DIY online product creation tool, it’s easy to create beautiful products, whether you’re a small or more established business. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites – let these inspire you to create some fun foodie products of your own!


20+ Food-Themed Custom Patches and Pins

Apple Face Pin

food theme custom pin apple

We love this custom cartoon apple pin. Made with soft enamel, its vibrant colors and textured surface add a pop of personality to any clothing or accessory piece.

Fortune Cookie Pin

food themed custom pin fortune cookie

Feeling lucky? Made of soft enamel, this small fortune cookie features a basic color palette with a 3D effect thanks to metallic line details.

Carrot Kids Cook Pin

food theme custom pin carrot

This cute pin combines a carrot with a fun message: Kids Cook! We love the playful font and how the orange and green enamel look against the shiny metallic gold finish of the pin. 


Sandwich Pin

food theme custom pin sandwich

This soft enamel pin combines graphic text with a unique shape for an eye-catching result. We love how the rainbow-colored letters stand out against the black background and metallic gold border.

A+ Bru Pin

food theme custom pin a bru bottle

A food-themed pin doesn’t have to be colorful to make a statement. This black and white pin features a vintage-inspired design and clear, bold text for a classic, eye-catching look.

Coffee Pin

food theme custom pin coffee cup

This branded to-go coffee cup pin is perfect for regular customers and caffeine lovers everywhere.

Happy Bread Pin

food theme custom pin happy bread

It doesn’t get cuter than this! This cartoonish bread pin uses a white and orange color palette and a cool brushed gold border for a vintage feel that will appeal to both children and adults.


Pineapple Pin

food theme custom pin pineapple

Help your customers show off their favorite fruit with this cute pin. We love how the painted black metal contrasts against the yellow and purple enamel.

Bowling Burger Pin

food theme custom pin bowling pin burger

Let’s bowl! This creative pin combines an iconic bowling pin design with the profile of a burger for a head-turning look.

Lucky Bean Pin

food theme custom pin lucky bean frappe cup

This cool pin combines a typical to-go cup with the scenery of Mackinac Island, for a perfect souvenir pin for new or regular customers of The Lucky Bean.

Milk Carton Pin

food theme custom patch milk carton

This brightly colored embroidered patch features an Astrogirl design on a vintage-inspired milk carton for a playful look.

Brigham’s Donuts Patch

food theme custom patch brigham's donuts

This cute woven pin features both an iconic ring donut shape and a donut shop logo, for cute merch that’s easy to add onto a morning donut run.

Golden Sausage Tournament Patch

food theme custom patch sausage tournament

We love how Stunty’s commemorated their sausage tournament event with an embroidered patch. The black and yellow color palette makes the design and text really stand out.


Fries Patch

food theme custom chenille patch fries

This adorable patch celebrates something so many of us know and love: the deliciousness of fried potatoes. We love the texture of this chenille patch and the bright colors.


Explore Mug Patch

food theme custom patch explore mug

This creative printed art patch features a campsite on top of a steaming mug with a message that ties the entire piece together: EXPLORE.

Avocado Pin

food theme custom pin avocado

Who doesn’t love avocados?! This realistic-looking avocado pin features a basic color palette and a metallic gold pit.

Normal Ice Cream Pin

food theme custom pin normal ice cream

SLC soft-serve shop Normal Ice Cream created this black and white pin as merch to sell to their loyal customers. We love its basic color palette and fun shape.

Pretzel Pin

food theme custom pin knotted pretzel

Help your customers show off their love for soft pretzels with an adorable pin like this one. We love how the metallic base doubles as chunks of salt.

Boba Pin

food theme custom pin boba drink

Boba, anyone? We love how this bold boba pin uses texture and color to elevate this iconic drink.

Chocolate Bar Patch

food theme custom patch open chocolate bar

Chocolate? Yes, please! This printed patch almost looks good enough to eat, with fine detail and a realistic design.

UFO Pizza Patch

food theme custom patch pizza ufo

Even aliens know how good pizza is. This humorous patch features bright colors and textured embroidery.

Other Food-Themed Custom Product Ideas

Not sure if selling pins or patches is right for your store or restaurant? With the help of The/Studio, you can create all sorts of other custom products, including:


  • Food-themed custom hats
  • Food-themed custom socks
  • Food-themed custom stickers
  • Food-themed custom lanyards
  • Food-themed custom tie pins
  • Food-themed custom keychains
  • And more!


Ready to start creating a food-themed patch, pin, or other product for your store or restaurant? The/Studio is here to help. With our online DIY product creation tool, you can customize the size, type, design, and more of your custom patch or pin. Our team of expert designers and manufacturers will help you turn your vision into a high-quality, profitable product!


Start the process here.




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