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Five Easy-to-Market Products to Sell in 2019

If you want to boost your online sales in 2019, you’d do well to read up on the top selling products for the coming year. But these days, it’s not always enough to have a killer product. If you’ve been around the e-commerce block a few times, you already know how important it is to pair production with a well-targeted, multichannel marketing campaign.

So we’ve put together a list of trending topics that almost sell themselves – with a bit of clever marketing. All of the following are not only trending products to sell in the coming year, but are also particularly easy to market on visual channels like Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest, and as part of influencer marketing and lifestyle branding.


Okay, so this is more of a category than a product, but that’s what makes it so promising for 2019. People have been rocking this gym-wear-as-day-wear style for a few years now, but it has tremendous staying power on the charts. Consumers are as in love as ever with lifestyle brands that cater to their values and help them express a particular identity.

With athleisure, there are so many opportunities to do just that by tapping into a niche sub-market – say, boardsports or yoga. Either as a standalone brand or a particular line for an existing brand, you can reasonably sell anything from custom socks to hats to drawstring bags. What makes these products marketing gold is how easy they are to slip into a social media photo that speaks to a particular community or culture.

To boost sales for your custom socks, hats, or bags, make good use of influencer branding. You’ll have a well-rounded visual marketing campaign that adds real value to your brand’s presence.

Travel Accessories

Another big 2019 trend is travel accessories. While this product category extends well beyond soft goods (and beyond actual travel gear), you can definitely cash in on the trend with custom manufactured duffel and drawstring bags.

Be sure to incorporate your logo into the design, and launch a travel-oriented campaign featuring your bags slung on the backs or shoulders of jet-setting influencers. This can also be a great product for user-oriented content contributed from all over the globe, showing off how your product helps travel junkies live their best lives.

2019 is a great year to sell enamel pins.

Enamel Pins

The enamel pin is another one of those evergreen products. These little art pieces aren’t just easy to market visually on well-worn platforms, they’re also relatively easy to manufacture, particularly with an expert on-demand manufacturer like The/Studio. With our free design service, we’ll work with you on a prototype until you’re happy, and our low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround times let you order exactly what you need, only when you need it.

Custom pins work well for simple visual marketing on Etsy or Pinterest, since with the right lighting and framing they act as artwork themselves; but by investing in influencer marketing, you can also work your designs onto the well-curated OOTD’s of Instagram celebs who can help get your products in front of the audiences you want.

Minimalist Jewelry

The downside to this popular trend may be a crowded market – but that doesn’t mean you can’t rise above the competition with well-curated design and top-notch photos on Etsy, Pinterest, or your chosen e-commerce channel. (For more tips on how to market your products online, check out our blog How to Sell Custom Patches & Pins on Etsy & Beyond.)

As with any fashion item, minimalist jewelry was basically made to be visually marketed on social media. If you have the means, definitely consider utilizing influencer marketing to model this fashion staple.

Ankle Boots

Another fashion item great for lifestyle marketing on Instagram and other social media outlets, ankle boots are nowhere near the end of their heyday. Unlike the top three items on this list, both minimalist jewelry and ankle boots have a somewhat more limited target audience (women in their twenties to thirties).

Still, social media can be super effective in both finding and converting customers – particularly with the use of relevant hashtags, location tags, and video content.

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