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 3 Items Every Brand Should Stock

In the world of fashion design, a few subtle touches can be the difference between an instant classic and instant clearance rack. We’ve had the privilege of rocketing a few brands to the first status – and with each success, there’ve been a few common ingredients that belong to the family of clothing trim.

What is trim anyway? It’s the sort of stuff that you find on clothing or accessories that’s not part of the item itself. That woven label, the hang tag, or the backing card on those cufflinks or ear rings — all trim. It’s the icing on the cake that bears a brand logo loud and proud and makes items look snazzy, professional and classy.

It used to be only big brands could afford to have trim attached to their items — everyone else had to make home-made cards, plastic baggies and sticky notes (shudder). Like a lot of things, The/Studio changed that — read on to find out out a little more out these simple steps to fashionability and sales.

Where Can I Get Custom Woven Labels For My Merch?

Woven Labels 


No professional brand does without them. Woven labels easily double retail values and allow your brand to lend value to clothing, just by association. This simple grace note sets you well above competitors just printing brand-logos onto the collar or (gasp!) leaving the manufacturer’s logo on. Quite a few brands opt to forego woven labels as they’re thought to be expensive to manufacture and have attached — but in fact, The/Studio makes adding woven label panache simple and affordable. It’s a no-brainer investment.

Hang Tags 


Hang tags are the forgotten child of the trim family, and it’s a shame. Most folks think because these get cut and thrown away or used for bookmarks, they cut corners by skipping them. But take a moment and think what’s often missing from “brand-name” clothing at budget clothing stores — hang tags. If you’ve really invested in a strong brand identity, you’re missing out on major returns with hang tags. Hang tags are a concrete affirmation that a clothing article belongs to your brand — adding dollars of value for just pennies. Don’t leave your brand hanging — add some tags.

Backer Cards


Maybe your brand revolves more around accessories, like earrings, cufflinks or other jewelry items. In that case, a woven label or even a hangtag is a bit unmanageable. But don’t sell your gear unadorned. Kill two birds with one stone with custom backer cards that make it easy to store and retail your accessories while broadcasting the product’s brand affiliation loud and clear. Our cards are widely customizable and can accommodate virtually any accessory, unlike pre-made ones you can buy online. And they’re just as affordable.

What Should I Have On My Brand Merch?
In summary, our team highly suggests that you have these three items for your brand merchandise to increase sales and add value to your products:

• Woven Labels
• Hang Tags
• Backer Cards

How To Make My Clothing Brand Stand Out
If you have always wondered what ways can make your brand stand out, these tips can take you a long way. We guarantee that it will add the needed details that customers will be looking for, such as price, information about the product, information about the brand, and much more. It is a great form of marketing that we can assure you won’t regret!

Now, feel free to reach out to us so we can get started on these three items that can surely make your brand stand out! You will love the way we customize woven labels, hang tags, and backer cards!

If one of your goals for 2017 was to take your brand to the next level, visit our reps today for any one of these products. That is, if you’re ready for the next level of brand awareness and profitability.





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