3 Reasons Why Your Next Order at The/Studio Is Even Better

3 Reasons Why Your Next Order at The/Studio Is Even Better

We’re big fans of returning customers. Maybe even more than other companies.

The second and third time around, customers already know the power of our tools and aren’t afraid to push our systems to the limit — and that makes for some jaw-droppingly awesome custom projects.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already enjoyed one order with us — here are three quick reasons it’s worth repeating (and if you’re new to The/Studio, this information below is just as valuable it’ll have you getting twice the benefit from your first order).

#3 Faster turnaround times

Each day, we work on honing our manufacturing systems — shaving seconds off each of the hundred steps your order requires. In the end, it adds up to you possibly getting your order a day or two earlier versus the last time you placed a similar order.

Plus, as a returning customer (or educated first-timer), you’re a certified expert in how this works. So you’ll know that by opting to skip certain optional steps, like approval of a photo sample, and letting our quality control do it for you, you could be two or three days ahead of schedule compared to last time.

Adding that to our FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING offer for orders $500 or more (valid until April 14th) … we might as well be your personal genie-in-a-lamp. We kind of are, anyway.

#2 You’re not afraid to work that free design

First-time customers tend to be a little timid with our free design service.

Don’t be.

Our designers are professionals and can take in some complex ideas, notes and sketches and produce brilliant results. Outside The/Studio, that service would be worth $500 or more elsewhere, especially if you’re wanting unlimited feedback like you get with us.

So next time around, take advantage of our free design to create a new version of your logo or an maybe alternate design. Or try on a completely new product for size, free — we’ve got over fifty.

#1 You’ll have access to sweet insider deals

Repeat customers get access to huge reward deals through their customer representatives. Perks like sizable discounts, free rush shipping (like we’re offering this week) or free order quantity increases. So check your inboxes in the weeks following that first order for some great surprises.

The only way to get constant access to these benefits is to place your first order. It doesn’t have to be a big order, either.

It’s like a club where the only cost of admission is you pulling the trigger on your dreams of a brand or custom gear for you and your friends.

if you’re looking to start a brand and grow in the future, placing your first order with The/Studio is maybe the most affordable step you can take towards scalable, wholesale pricing on dozens of products with a free design team. What can we help you make today?

New customers, old customers — The/Studio has something to offer for everyone. You won’t find a better selection of custom apparel and accessories with free standard shipping and design assistance.

This week only, we’re giving everyone the VIP experience with FREE rush shipping on all orders over $500, worth potentially hundreds of dollars. Request a quote today and start getting used to the VIP custom manufacturing experience.



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