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3 Things You Can Do Only With PVC

3 Things You Can Do Only With PVC

PVC isn’t just for plumbing any more. The rugged material holds color almost permanently and resists rips, scuffs, markings, fading and the elements long after other materials have thrown in the towel.

Here are three fun hacks we’ve seen people do with PVC as an accessory and apparel material. Don’t forget to request your free PVC ideas using the links at the bottom! Our designers are standing by to take your ideas and turn them into PVC gold.

#3 – Go crazy with 3D textures.

custom pvc patch

Good luck replicating the above with fabric or embroidery. Our PVC patches resemble nothing you’ve seen before because regular fabric patches can’t begin to look like that.

From fish scales to feathers, grid lines to circles, PVC is about the touch. Your free design gives you control down to the smallest details, making for a sculpted product experience unlike anything else we’ve felt.

Making you a modern Michelangelo.

#2 – Go scuba-diving. Or save money.

custom pvc coaster

Hold on, these two are related. The same waterproof quality that makes PVC patches great for scuba fanatics diving in salty environments allows PVC coasters to be dishwashed hundreds of times without losing their color. PVC resists the color-sucking abilities of sea salt, but it also shrugs off the cleaning agents in commercial dishwashers — meaning your logo stays vibrant long after paper coasters would have given up.

Between ocean diving and college dives, you can bet that PVC will stand up the rigors of your lifestyle, too.

#1 – Use all the colors.

Unlike similar molded resin or metal techniques, where the same-color material is poured into a cast, working with PVC allows you to uniquely color each aspect  of your sculpture, almost like painting a model. The result is the effect of expensive hand-painting for a fraction of the price. That means magnets born for premier real estate on any fridge.

PVC offers you a vast assortment of design options, textures, colors and possibilities. So don’t go it alone — request a quote today on our patches, coasters, magnets or keychains and let your free The/Studio designer show you all the options that could with your existing logo or just some rough ideas — we’re eager to put PVC to work for you. What can we help you create today? 

Can PVC Patches Be 3D?
Like we previously mentioned in the features that PVC offers, PVC patches can be 3D! In fact, you can achieve a different, dimensional, and dynamic patch that is like no other patch. PVC patches gives you control down to the smallest details, making for a perfectly sculpted product. If you are interested in a complex patch that is extremely detailed and different amongst the rest, PVC is the perfect option.

Why Are PVC Patches Better?
PVC patches are better for the following reasons:

  1. Color options: Vast assortment of design options, textures, colors and more possibilities.
  2. Waterproof: They will never lose their color, meaning your custom patch will stay vibrant forever!
  3. Affordable: They will not break the bank!
  4. 3D textures: PVC allows you to design dimensional patches that you can’t achieve with any other material.

How can I customize PVC patches?
In order for you to customize PVC patches, all you have to do is submit your logo, desired color, size and backing and let us do the rest. We will then send you a digital proof that you can approve. Once approved, we will send you your new custom PVC patches!

pvc custom products




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