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5 Best Custom Hats Ever Made


The hats span all ages, races, sexes, religions, and periods, and we make a TON of custom hats here at The/Studio. Here are our five favorite custom hats!

You can’t go wrong with custom hats. Whether for hot weather or cold weather, rain or shine, city or country, a vibrant custom-designed hat is the ultimate fashion statement, and they’re practical, to boot! 

We like to think we know a thing or two about the best custom hats, because here at The/Studio, we’ve made thousands of custom hats for all-comers, from high-end fashion brands to restaurants to sports teams to high school clubs. 

Read on for the lowdown on five of the best custom hats ever made (at least, according to our humble opinion).

Let’s Talk Hats 

Hats are the ultimate accessory. A hat can tell you a lot about a person wearing it, whether it’s displaying their favorite sports team or musical artist, broadcasting their political beliefs, or simply showcasing their style. There are so many different types of hats, from baseball hats to trucker hats, top hats, beanies, Cowboy hats, dad hats, fedoras, berets, apple caps, floppy hats, boater hats, derby hats, bucket hats, fitted hats, military caps… 

You get the idea. If we continued, you’d be reading this article all day long.

History of Hats  

Hats have a long and storied history. Hats have probably existed for almost as long as humans have been wearing clothing of any kind. It’s unknown when and where hats originated, but the earliest depictions of hats can be traced back to Egypt in 3200 BCE. 

The point is that human beings have been wearing hats for a long, long time, and for as long as humans have been wearing hats, we’ve been customizing them, too.

The 5 Best Custom Hats Ever Made

5. Santa Claus Hat 

This pointed red cap with a white pom-pom on the top has become one of the ubiquitous symbols of the holiday season. There is no Santa Claus without his hat, and there is no Christmas without Santa Claus! This has to be one of the most iconic hats ever made.

4. Wayne’s World Hat 

The best custom hats are intrinsically tied to current pop culture references, and the Wayne’s World ball cap is a perfect example. Everyone wanted a Wayne’s World hat in the ’90s, and we mean EVERYONE! Mike Myers’ recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live, starring Myers as Wayne Campbell, an eccentric metalhead hosting a public-access radio show from his parents’ garage, eventually became a smash hit film. It remains the highest-grossing film based on an SNL sketch in history.

3. Jackie Kennedy’s Pillbox Hat 

Jackie Kennedy was known throughout the country (and world) as a fashion icon in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and pillbox hats were a major part of her legendary style. Her most well-known pillbox hat, sadly, was the one she wore when her husband, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963.

2. Charlie Chaplin’s Bowler Hat 

Early 20th-century actor Charlie Chaplin was known for his silent films, but like Santa, Chaplin’s bowler hat was as much a part of “Chaplin” as the man himself. The bowler hat was a key accessory of “The Tramp,” the famous persona that Chaplin created. The hat itself is today often called a “Chaplin hat” in honor of the groundbreaking performer. 

1. Doughboy’s (Ice Cube) Detroit Tigers Hat in Boyz in the Hood 

No one looked cooler than Ice Cube’s Doughboy in the movie Boyz in the Hood. We can’t prove it, but in our opinion, this humble snapback ball cap is the best hat ever made! It might be simple, but the hat (and the character who wore it) simply oozes swag.

It’s Your Turn to Make an Iconic Custom Hat 

Don’t let these custom hats have all the glory! You, too, can make your own custom hat… and maybe it’ll go down in history like the hats on this list. 

Talk to one of our Creative Specialists to work on a design together, or use our Create Tool to start creating from scratch by yourself! Don’t forget to visit our FAQ section if you’re having trouble.

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