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5 Inspiring Hang Tag Examples: Design Options That Transcend Printing

Clothing Hang Tag Design Options That Make All the Difference


Don’t just print – Invent!

It’s true that there are some very inexpensive hang tags sellers out there, but serious clothing and apparel brands never go cheap, because they know very well how designing the perfect hang tag can make the difference between mediocre and “Must Have”! Suppliers of cheaply printed hang tags severely limit the creative process that is imperative to making an incredible hang tag. Their selection of shapes are limited to only the most common (and boring) rectangles, and artistic expression is confined by the capacity of an oversized computer printer.

Memorable fashion brands would never settle for such low standard, and for your brand, you shouldn’t either. There are multiple unique and engaging hang tags design options that can make your product stand out – whether displayed in-store, online, or out-of-the-box. At The/Studio, we invite you to make your one-of-a-kind hang tags. Because when it comes to creating an unforgettable hang tag for your clothing line, like you, we think big — think 100% customized hang tags! Pinterest is an excellent platform for branders, marketers, and fashion enthusiasts alike to share examples of exquisite hang tags., and when inspiration strikes, know that we go beyond those second-rate printed hang tag suppliers to offer all the picturesque special hang tag design options you need for a first-class custom hang tag.


#1: The Donut

Small, round and delicious, the plain paper stock used to create this hang tag is nothing special, but the designers of this hang tag has made their mark by choosing a custom border shape, widely-cut circular eyelet in the center, and a rabbit-style run-thru of the string attachment. It’s darn cute, isn’t it?


#2: The Mayan Pyramid

The designers of this hang tag made an excellent choice in choosing the custom border shape that resembles the ancient Mayan architecture. Staying close to their indigenous roots, the gold metallic foil stamping reflects the magnificent jewelry-works of this ancient people. Mayan culture is shining in todays fashion world.


#3 : The -BOSS-

Crafted simply with three basic colors, what makes this hang tag eye-catching is the expertly pressed embossed background. By slightly indenting the large letters into the background, this hang tag has achieved a dramatic visual effect with only the most basic natural tones.

#4: Minimal

It’s not always the bolder designs that make the most impact. These designers chose to fashion their hang tag out of a natural canvas material with minimal red stitching. Like an attractive individual who introduces himself or herself to you by only saying “hello” with an alluring smile, this hang hag has said much more by saying much less.

mayan-pyramid-hang-tag interior-die-cut-hang-tag

#5: The Window

It’s clear that these designers the double-V-shaped logo incorporated into this hang tag was chosen through meticulous planning. By die cutting the logo into the interior area of the hang tag, the transparent sophistication of intelligent design shows through as a window to whichever fine garment this hang tag is attached to.

The Hang Tag Design Makes the Difference

Creating hang tags with exquisite design unquestionably adds to the emotional appeal of any clothing line. Brands that focus on intricate details that transcend printing alone leave a lasting impression, and creates a following of fashion-centric enthusiasts who appreciate the conscientious work put into crafting a flawless hang tag. This is where the true value of a hang tag is. The/Studio celebrates the creative energies of people like you, and we are here to make your dream hang tag into reality. Because printing can be pretty, but it takes a focus on every minor accent to create an immaculate custom hang tag. Explore our hang tags design guide, or call our fashion experts at 1-877-647-6447 to learn more about how we will help you construct the perfect hang tag.




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