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5 Things to Take Advantage of when Creating Custom Products at The/Studio

There are a few things that you may or may not know about ordering custom products from The/Studio, and we’ve listed them all down for you.

You don’t have to design it all by yourself.

People usually have a prepared sketch for their ideal custom product, but their design may not match with the customization options.

It’s a good thing that you don’t have to go through the creative process alone at The/Studio. We have a creative department that helps with designing your custom products so you won’t have to feel overwhelmed at the nitty gritty technical details of your design.

Affordable Prices and Occasional Discounts

When people hear the word “custom”, they think it is expensive since you’ll need to order by thousands for a factory to agree to produce your custom product. The/Studio might just be the exception to that rule since we require very low minimum order quantity. 

You can order custom patches at affordable prices, especially when there’s a sale where you can get up to 50% off. It would be the best time to order in bulk.

Free Standard Delivery within the US

You can save more when you order custom products, and it goes farther than affordable prices. Extra bonuses like free delivery go a long way to help you save more on your orders.

You Can Be As Creative as You Like

Yes, you can! Custom patches, pins, socks and more allow for maximum creativity from designers, and this is one of its biggest draws. 

Many people love that they can let loose their creative sides when they work with The/Studio, so don’t be afraid. Design without limits. 

A Wide Variety of Customization Options

That goes to all of our custom products. For patches for example, other than embroidered, we have 6 other types of patches. These include woven patches, chenille patches, leather patches, bullion patches, PVC patches, and printed patches. A lot of our customers order custom embroidered patches, but once they’ve explored the other types, they become instant fans.They also experiment on add-ons such as more color variations, glow-in-the-dark feature, and different types of borders to make their custom patches look more stylish, fun and chic. To view some of these features, you may check out our full catalog of custom products.

Our creative specialists are also here for you if you have questions or if you need a guide to creating your custom products. 





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