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5 Trendy Backpack Pins This Spring

A backpack: a bag you carry your books and pencils in. Or, a backpack: something that holds your laptop on your way to work. Backpacks take on many roles in our daily lives, but they don’t just have to be something we own for convenience. We decorate our houses, put decals on our cars, and dress how we like to express ourselves. Why shouldn’t backpacks be the same? Spice up your backpack by adding a little personality—your personality—to it. Here are five aesthetic backpack pin ideas for this spring.

Succulent and Fruit Pins

One aesthetic that’s been on the rise is succulents and/or fruit. Stickers, decals, clothes, decorative objects—and backpack pins! If you’re a fan of the ever-popular cactus, or just like the red color of strawberries, grab a pin that resembles your beloved aesthetic. Not only does it add some pizazz to your basic bag, but succulents and fruit are perfect for springtime.

Animal Pins

Looking for something that’s never going out of style? What about animal pins? You might have a favorite animal, or a pet that’s close to your heart. Look for a dolphin that reminds you of the ocean, or design a pin that looks exactly like your wiener dog. Spring is the time when zoos open up and dog-walking is at its highest! Get it on the animal love by creating a custom and cool backpack pin.

Pop Culture Pins

You can’t scroll Twitter for five seconds without seeing a reference to a current popular TV show or trending celebrity. Music, art, and TV are part of our every day lives; we use the types of music and movies we like to classify ourselves and categorize our personalities. There is pride in showing people who you are and what you like, so why not do it with backpack pins? Search for funny pins with quotes from Tiger King, or create your own references to your favorite band. It’ll for sure catch someone’s eye and be a talking point for conversation.

Trendy Sayings and Quotes

Personal favorite: “Yikes”. From time to time, words and phrases spring about and become a hit within our culture. We end up using these sayings all the time, and most people know what you mean when you say them. Some currently trendy sayings like “Good vibes”, “hope”, and “Fire” are becoming part of our personalities more and more. Create the perfect pin with your choice of trending word, add a splash of your favorite color to it, and voila!

Political Pins

Not only is the presidential election right around the corner, but the U.S. political climate is hotter than ever. Activists are protesting all over the country, content is being pushed out every day from every side, and groups of like-minded people are gathering. Showcase your beliefs and let others know where you stand with a personalized backpack pin. Wherever you go, show the world you’re a strong supporter of your own ideals and values.


Whether you want to make a bold statement or want to find others with the same interests, backpack pins are the perfect accessory. They can be a conversation starter, something to spruce up that same old sack, or just something for you to look at. Search for trendy pins or create your very own custom lapel pins just in time for Spring!




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