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6 Popular Police and Law Enforcement Pins

What better way to recognize and honor the bravery of first responders than with custom pins? True, law enforcement pins honor the willingness and bravery of officers, but they are not only commissioned for awards. 

Use these pins to identify an officer’s rank, or in some counties, get novelty pins to raise funds as souvenirs at events. 

Handcrafted to suit a specific purpose, some of the more popular police pin types are the following:

K-9 Police Dog Pins 

Highly trained dogs in the police force, or K-9 police canines, assist police officers in maintaining peace and order. As full members of the squad, they brave through missions just like their police friends, and with this, they also deserve much recognition. The law enforcement department uses K-9 Police dog pins to acknowledge the actions of this honorable unit.

Blue Ribbon Pins 

The police force never forgets officers who have sacrificed their lives in the course of duty. Blue Ribbon pins tell the story of courage and the unquestioning bravery of an officer.

Let their ultimate sacrifice and acts of valor be known. Have the department give blue ribbon pins to family members of the deceased officer on special events.

Sheriff Recognition Pins 

The customized sheriff lapel pin indicate a sheriff’s status, providing a prominent symbol of rank and authority. Sheriffs can also be awarded custom pins for outstanding acts of bravery. 

A case in point: Sheriffs who have distinguished themselves in fighting crime within their areas of jurisdiction wear the well-known star-shaped pins.

Active Police Duty Pins 

As public servants charged with keeping the peace, it is only normal to put on an easily identifiable pin – by the general public and colleagues as well. Put on an active Police Duty Pin in such cases.

Every police officer on active duty gets to wear a police duty pin (mini insignia) for easy identification. These pins are plated in gold to preserve them even in tough working conditions. 

Volunteer Pins 

Citizens who have helped maintain peace and order in society may be awarded with volunteer pins. Deeds passing this merit include selflessly working with firefighters if they are short-staffed, volunteering to work with ambulatory services, and so much more. 

Retirement Pins 

Officers who have served faithfully in the police force deserve recognition for their selfless services over the years. Applaud their accomplishments by awarding custom retirement pins. 

Looking to raise funds for your police department? Want to celebrate milestones, anniversaries, and retirements? Design the best quality law enforcement pins for your department today.




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