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9 Custom Items That Honor Veterans Day

Veterans Day is the perfect time to appreciate and honor the veterans in your life. These modern-day heroes have put their lives on the line for decades and fought bravely for our freedom. While no gift can truly show enough gratitude, it is still an excellent way to say “thank you for your service.” 

We’ve compiled unique veteran’s day gift items that will make your recipient feel honored and appreciated.

Custom Pins 

Custom Military Lapel Pin 5

Veterans aren’t strangers to medals and pins. Most veterans have at least one pin attached to their uniforms. But one more wouldn’t hurt. In fact, your veteran of choice will be delighted to receive another custom medal or pin from you.

Also, getting a custom pin or medal is quite easy. You can send us your preferred design, and we will take it up from there!

Custom Patches 

veterans military patch

If you feel pins are too common, perhaps a custom patch would work? Just like custom pins, patches are decorative and informative – a great combination for a gift. 

Depending on what design you want your patch to highlight, it can be a vocal expression of your gratitude to the veterans around you.

Custom Branded Mugs

A practical yet simple way of showing your gratitude is with a customized coffee mug. If you get a high-quality mug that is microwave and dishwasher safe, the print will remain new for many years. A timeless gift, isn’t it?

Custom Branded Day Planners 

Do you know a veteran who loves lists and plans? A custom branded day planner might be the best gift to give them. Of course, you can have them personified with the veteran’s full rank and name. Why not add a set of custom stickers as an add-on?

Custom Hats

Veterans love their country, and they want to show it off the best way they can. An army strong veteran will appreciate a cap with quality embroidery that displays their service. It is indeed a practical gift that they’ll wear all the time! 

Military Coins

veterans day award coin

An exciting and exceptional idea, a military thank you coins that say “Thank you for your service” on one side while the other side features “Your country proudly celebrates you,” will make the perfect gift for any veteran. 

Custom Branded Face Masks 

You can honor the holiday in your own way by wearing a face mask with a Veterans Day themed design. It immediately sends a clear message to veterans that you appreciate their service for our country. For this idea, you can imprint the American flag, the veteran’s full name or rank.

Custom Metal Keychains

You can customize it just like a commemorative coin, but let it be carved with a limited edition design of vintage gold or brass with a functional feature. It can be a no-touch keychain or a bottle opener to mention a few.


Who doesn’t love the warmth and coziness of an embroidered beanie? Also, its flexibility makes it one size fits all and the perfect gift for men and women veterans.





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