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All About Custom Button Loop Embroidered Patches

Button Loop embroidered patches are phenomenal! They allow your custom patches to be versatile and they also give your custom insignia an amazing and unique look. Button loops were invented by the custom patch company , these types of patches were inspired by the Boy Scouts of America because Boy Scouts are only allowed  to wear certain embroidered emblems on their uniforms. However during their time as a Boy Scout they participate in various events and they receive patches to honor their accomplishments while partaking in such events. Because the scouts are limited and restricted to which patches they can wear on a daily basis , boy scouts began requesting  button loops be added to their custom emblems. That way , they would be able to interchange the custom patches without causing any damage to their uniforms.

Button Loop embroidered patches allowed boy scouts and their family to enjoy these commemorative custom patches , like they would with a trophy. The button loop emblems were able to be displayed in family living rooms or in the room of the Boy Scouts. Leave it to the patch industry and the resourceful Boy Scouts to come up with such an amazing type of patch!

At Patches by The/Studio we offer button loop patches at a competitive price , we only charge an additional 15%. We can match the color of your custom patch to your button loop.

We have recently noticed that button loop emblems have become quite the trend! They are no longer just for Boy Scouts. In fact girl scouts , schools , military units , police units and fire units are ordering custom button loop insignias. With button loops , embroidered patches are becoming the new trophies . They are given as commemorative and honorary gifts and souvenirs.

Button loop patches are an amazing patch invention , they are innovative and multifaceted. If you have any questions or would like more information about this growing trend in custom patches , contact your creative specialist NOW!




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