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All You Need to Know About Sewing Patches on Hats

Sewing patches on hats is a lot of work, but if you really want to tackle the job yourself, here’s exactly what you need to know.

So you want to attach a custom patch to your custom hat? Not to rain on your parade, but you do know some companies can create a custom hat for you, create a custom patch for you, and then attach the patch to the hat for you all-in-one, right 🙂 

Sure, you might be wondering where a company like this exists. Luckily, you’re already on their website! The/Studio lets you design, customize, and order both custom patches and custom hats, and if you order both from us, we’ll adhere the custom patches to your custom hats via a process called “knitting” so you don’t have to lift a finger! 

patches on hats

But Maybe You Want to DIY!

Okay, so maybe you are feeling creative and want to DIY, or maybe you didn’t get your hats with The/Studio, but you purchased your patches from The/Studio (or vice versa). That makes us sad : ( but we’ll forgive you this time and explain how you can sew on your custom hat patches!

How to Sew Patches on Hats 

Since you didn’t come to The/Studio to do this for you, here’s what you will need to do. It’s not easy, especially if your hat or patch material is thicker and harder to penetrate, but it can definitely be done if you set your mind to it!

Items You Will Need: 

  • Custom patch 
  • Custom hat 
  • Scissors
  • Needle (preferably size 10) 
  • Glue 
  • Thimble (especially if this is your first time sewing!)  
  • A thread that matches your patch’s border

STEP 1 Determine where you want the custom patch to be adhered to on your hat. (We recommend trying on the hat to see exactly where you want it to go.) 

STEP 2: Once you choose where the patch will go, glue the patch in place onto the hat. 

STEP 3: Using the matching thread, take out your needle and thread it.

STEP 4: Tie a knot at the end of the thread 

STEP 5: Turn your hat inside out and push the needle through the hat and patch. (Be sure you take out your thimble for this!)

STEP 6: From the inside of the hat, pull the needle and thread through all the way. Make sure to take your time!

STEP 7: Push the needle in and out of the surrounding border of the patch, making sure to connect it to the hat.

STEP 8: When the entire custom patch is securely sewn onto the hat, cut the excess thread and tie a knot at the end. This should be done on the inside of the hat, not the outside. This way the knot doesn’t show when you’re wearing the hat. 

Sounds Like A Lot of Work… 

We know it’s a lot of work to sew custom patches onto your custom hat. If you still are psyched, go after it. If you’re not so sure, why not let The/Studio take care of it for you? Contact one of our Creative Specialists or use our Create Tool to get started today. First, make your own custom hats and patches, then we’ll sew ‘em on for you! 

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