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Awe Inspiring Custom Patch


Since I am responsible for writing blogs everyday , I need inspiration to get my creative juices flowing. Like any writer I need a muse and my muse is of course custom patches. However I do have a routine every morning that can contribute to my writing success. I start my morning with a cup of coffee and a side of custom embroidered patches. Morning after morning you will find me at my desk with a Marilyn Monroe coffee mug in my hand and a desk full of custom emblems. Call me superstitious but if I use a different coffee mug other than my Marilyn Monroe mug my creativity is stumped. But I of course what I really need is an awe inspiring custom patch. Today , my custom patch inspiration was a Thanksgiving patch we created last year. This was my first time seeing this magnificent embroidered emblem , and let me tell you in was patch love at first sight. This emblem had everything you could want in a patch , vibrant colors , an interesting design and concept. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this custom insignia. We used 100% embroidery coverage on this custom patch. The colors that the our customer chose are absolutely amazing and are displayed quite consistently  throughout the entire design.  The patch was made to commemorate “America’s First Thanksgiving” that took place in 1619, and with the design and colors you are instantly brought back to that specific time period.  We used  white, gold , cream , red , blue and yellow thread. The text that is included on the custom patch is extraordinary because it really fits the 1600’s theme that is displayed throughout the entire patch. Although this design is absolutely beautiful , if it got into the hands of an inexperienced patch company , it could of turned into a disaster and could of been completely ruined.  The patch only measures 3.5 inches in width at its widest point and 4 inches in height at its highest point.  There are so many details  that needed to be included that we had our doubts that embroidery could not do this design any justice. But with our talented and experienced production team we had no problem delivering an amazing outcome.  I am always in constant need of an amazing custom patch , so if you think your custom patch is muse worthy , I would love to write a blog about your patch. You can send me a picture of your patch on our Facebook wall and I promise to write a blog about you and your patch! I’m waiting………………………………..

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