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Awesome Custom Skull Patches

 Awesome Custom Skull Patches 

With Halloween approaching next week , I thought it would be fun to look into our patch archives and find custom patches that have a Halloween theme. While looking through thousands of different patches , I noticed that we have created many patches that have skulls on them. And of course nothing says Halloween like skulls!

Today, I would like to explain what makes an awesome skull patch. I will also review special options that will make your patch stand out. And lastly I would like to share with you some of my favorite custom skull patches that we have created.

So what constitutes an awesome skull emblem? I think a cool skull insignia should have a unique design and it should also kinda of scare me when I look at it , however it shouldn’t be too scary that I don’t want to look at it. The patch should be big enough so you are able to see the skull. And finally you should use different colors then what would be expected when you see a skull, usually skull patches are white and black , try different colors, such as brown , green , or even red.

Patches by The/Studio offers various special options. Our special options can make any patch stand out! Choose from metallic threading , neon threading , glow-in the dark threading or camouflage. You can’t go wrong with any of these options!

Here are examples of awesome skull patches that we have created;

The first custom patch you see below was created a biker group. This patch has it all! This is a 3 piece patch , with a top rocker , center piece and a bottom rocker. We used 100% embroidery coverage. This is a skull masterpiece!

The second patch you see was also created for a biker group. This is a perfect example of what a skull patch should look like! We used 100% embroidery coverage on this emblem.

The third patch you see is actually a set of two. We created these patches for some of our American Heroes so these are very important patches. We used 75% embroidery on both and we used camouflage material.

The fourth patch you see is truly incredible. I have never seen a skull patch quite like this! This is a back piece, so it’s very big. The details are amazing! We used 100% embroidery coverage on this patch and we also used a metallic gold trimming around this patch.

Remember that skull patches aren’t just for Halloween! In fact none of the patches that I shared with you today were used for Halloween purposes.

Skull patches can be worn year round, whether your a biker , in the military , on a airsoft or paintball team or even just a fashionista. Skull patches make the ultimate statement!

custom skull patch for the death riders biker group


custom skull patch biker back patchcustom skull patches for the military






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