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Baywatch Patches

November 2, 2014

You know a T.V show is bound to become a cult classic when it is set on the beaches of Los Angeles, California and Pamela Anderson is one of the main characters. Baywatch first debuted in 1989. Audiences were captivated by this melodrama. Women tuned into see the love stories and the handsome lifeguards and men tuned in every week to see Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra run in slow motion in a bathing suit. A one piece bathing suit has never been so seductive! This show had something for everyone. I have to admit that Baywatch was one of my guilty pleasures as well. My reason for watching was Jason Momoa.
pamela anderson and carmen electra baywatch
jason momoa baywatch
To be honest, it has been years since I have thought about Baywatch but the recent announcement of “Baywatch The Movie” has sent my memory back to 1999. Nostalgia is setting in and I can already smell the beaches and see the red bathing suits. It wasn’t until the movie was announced that I remembered that the Baywatch bathing suits have patches adhered to them. When I use to watch the show, I never thought twice about the Baywatch patches, I don’t even think I noticed them but now that I work for a patch company, I notice patches before I notice Jason Momoa.
Baywatch patch
It’s amazing how many patches are featured in our favorite T.V shows and movies. Most people never notice them. Patches are important to storylines because they identify the character and give the character a purpose. Patches complete a uniform. Next time you are watching Baywatch reruns pay close attention to the patches, I know that may be hard to do with Pamela Anderson and Jason Momoa running around in bathing suits but at least try to!
Baywatch cast
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