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Biker Embroidered Patch With Rhinestones And Metallic Thread

November 1, 2014

“All of our embroidered patches are high quality, and all are custom made based on the designs of our customers.  However, every now and then we produce a patch that truly stands out for its uniqueness.  This patch that we did for a women’s biker club truly represents some of our finest work at Patches by The/Studio.

This patch is a whopping 14 inches in width, which by itself makes it unique.  Many custom patch companies have a limitation of only 12 inches, but we can make the patch as large as our customer wants.  Because the patch is so large, it really gave our digitizers the ability to truly flesh out all of the detail of the patch.

Furthermore, the patch is produced with two different colors of metallic thread; a purple metallic thread and a gold metallic thread.  The metallic thread is then balanced by a grey and black matte thread and a black cotton twill.  Perhaps what makes the patch most unique is how the entire design is integrated with Austrian Crystals.

Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do perfect justice to this design, because it looks so much more elegant and shiny in person.  We are truly proud of our execution of our customers design.”

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