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Is Your Brand Beach Ready?

Although a few late-arrival blizzards say otherwise, April is practically August in the apparel industry.

That means that for The/Studio customers, only a few short weeks remain to get orders in for summertime threads. It’s difficult to design a summer line-up from scratch, though.

But as luck would have it, we designed several of last year’s product launches based on what items are increasingly popular in the summer markets. Imagine your logo on one of these summer six must-haves:


Brands get away with charging $20 for pairs of flip-flops that are kind-of sturdy. This summer, give your customers the choice of affordable quality with all name-brand flair: custom strap styles, foam thicknesses, and layered coloring topped with printed branding — they’ll say yes. 

cat flipflop

flipflop2 hamburger


Every year, Americans buy over 43,000,000 baseball caps — roughly 7 baseball caps per citizen. Problem is, most of those caps are flimsy, unwearable toppers that wouldn’t make it through a summer.

Our solution: stop buying caps that you’ll need to replace next year and start making caps that you can pass on. Our custom caps come in materials ranging from sweat-wicking polyester mesh to weather-proof leather. And on top of custom dimensions, custom embroidery, patches, labels and more mean something on your head that’s going to be turning, well, heads. 



Can Coolers

The/Studio — and brand owners like yourself — is spearheading an effort to make Can Coolers cool again.

No one likes lukewarm drinks. No one likes looking like a tradeshow junky. So if there’s a way to keep beer cold in style, the product sells itself. We help you be that hero. So craft a can cooler worthy of summertime drinks, with custom embroidery, full-surface printing, specially shaped for bottles and even custom patches. Be the brand your customers would share a drink with. 




Tote Bags

Unless they’re sporting quad-pocket cargo shorts, you need a way to carry your gear that’s summer-proof. Go in the opposite direction of cargo pants with stylish canvas tote bags and let your customers show off their brand while stowing their stuff.

In addition to high-grade materials, our tote bag offer customized imprint and embroidery options, meaning your logo can do a little beachside advertising for you. And unlike cargo pants, our totes stay useful long into fall and winter temperatures.




Slides are flip-flops’ older brother, packing all the convenience with a classy band instead of the familiar thong, alongside a bit more support. Customize yours with relaxed designs or more elegant styles suited for dinner on the restaurant patio, with perks like egg-carton style foam soles with perfect comfort.  



Keychain Bottle Openers

Like can coolers, bottle openers somehow became the hallmark giveaway item, destined to get attached to the second set of apartment keys we never use. Your customers will yawn at anything not a functional fashion statement.

With advanced 3D moulding, any-color printing and popping enamels, you can make a bottle opener to define all others. In addition to the old faithful keychain style, we say break the rules a bit and ask your representative show you our ever-ready dogtag model or a class-act challenge coin bottle opener.  


But I’m Not Ready for Summer!

What if you aren’t sure enough about your brand design to invest in an order?

No worries. The clock may be ticking, but our professional designers are at your service — whether it’s touch-up work or full rebranding, they’ll help you meet those production deadlines. And our always-free standard shipping takes it easy on your budget, too.

A guaranteed The/Studio quote means locked-in low prices, free design and a jump on your competitors.  Summer’s coming, and you’ve got nothing to lose but your customer’s business — request a quote today!

Gear up for the best summer in your brand’s history with free design, free shipping on all orders, all products. Enjoy no minimum order quantities, unparalleled quality and a dedicated sales representative that makes your life a permanent vacation. Start your brand’s summer line-up today.




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