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Brazilian Flag for 2014 World Cup Apparel Line

December 11, 2014

For those soccer enthusiasts (football enthusiasts to the rest of the world) everyone knows that the next World Cup will be hosted in the world’s epicenter of soccer, Brazil.

We recently worked with a Brazilian customer that is creating a line of clothing that she intends to launch in the middle of 2013 to correspond with the World Cup in Brazil.  We signed a confidentiality agreement with this customer, so unfortunately we can’t show you her designs, but we are really excited by her fashion line.  She did say that we could discuss the basic premise of the line, which is that it will be a brand catered specifically to young ladies and adult soccer enthusiasts. We have worked with her closely on design and sampling for this project as embroidered patches, pvc patches, and woven labels are an important part of branding for the line.  One element of the line requires an embroidered flag patch for each country that is participating in the World Cup. Here is a patch that we did for her native Brazil.  We will keep you posted when she allows us to let our followers know about the launch of her line.  We are very excited to have been a part of this project.

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