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Breaking Down PRIDE by Greg

Have long believed in the philosophy of taking pride in what one does.  This pride makes a good company great.  Pride makes ones personal life better.

Pride shows itself through ownership of challenges, problems, and making the needed changes to improve an individuals, a groups, and a companies performance.

If one does not have pride in what one is doing then this person is not contributing to the success of themselves or their company.   Why?  Let’s take the word “pride”, break down each individual letter of the word and see what it means and how it builds the entire being of the word.


P…  P stands for Passion.  Being passionate about ones personal and professional success and performance.  This is turn translates into successful performance for the individual and the company.

R…  R stands for resilient.  Challenges make their presence known each and every day.  To show pride one must be resilient and able to find solutions to each and every challenge.

I…  I stands for Ingenuity.  Here again, challenges show their ugly face each and every day.  Using ones ingenuity to find and develop solutions to these challenges is paramount for one to discover, show, and demonstrate ones pride.

D…  D stands for determination.  Buzz Lightyear form Toy Story said it best, “Never give up!  Never surrender!”.  Pride is demonstrated by living these words.

buzzlight year toy story

E…  E stands for excellence, plain and simple.  Excellence in everything one does is an important indicator for showing pride each and every day.

PRIDE.  Five letters and one very important word for achieving personal and professional success.




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