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Breast Cancer Ribbon Patches

June 6, 2013

Breast Cancer Ribbon Patches

It’s horrible to think that cancer has impacted almost everyone’s life at some point in time , this horrible disease does not have a cure but the awareness for cancer is strong and one day will will find a cure for cancer. Cancer awareness is so important because with awareness comes support and with support comes action. To do our part and raise awareness for breast cancer , we create breast cancer ribbon patches for the month of October which is breast cancer awareness month.

Last October , we had the honor of creating breast cancer ribbon patches for a football team , The Wichita Falls Vipers. They were going to sew the breast cancer ribbon patches onto their jerseys to show their support for breast cancer awareness month. We were so happy to be able to donate the breast cancer ribbon patches to this wonderful football team. They wore the custom emblems with love and support.

Below is a letter from Dominique Ellis, Marketing and Media Relations for Wichita Falls Vipers.

“The Wichita Falls Vipers and The American Cancer Society have partnered up with similar goals in mind. The Vipers and the A.C.S. are focused on getting out in the community and helping those in need, especially the youth, and informing the general public on all forms of cancer and encouraging annual screenings. The Vipers are geared towards playing football, but the hearts of our ownership, coaches and players are deeply embedded in the community. The Vipers and the A.C.S work diligently to do our part to make Wichita Falls and all of the surrounding areas a premier location for Gods work. More than half of the games that the Vipers play are all games to benefit cancer awareness for the public with participation in Relay For Life, as well as various organizations like Habitat for Humanity, a holiday toy drive for children in need, and the Boys and Girls Clubs.  We also support our military with various appreciation games throughout the year. ”

Cancer awareness is very dear to our hearts. We want to see an end to this devastating disease. We will continue to create custom breast cancer ribbon patches and do whatever we can to fight cancer.

Below is a picture of the patch and the football team that proudly displayed their breast cancer ribbon patches.

breast cancer ribbon patches


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