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Broke T.V Custom Patches


Laughing with Broke T.V

Everyone has a guilty pleasure! I will tell you what my guilty pleasure is, if you promise not to judge me……… It is celebrity gossip! I am addicted to it! I have four celebrity sources , TMZ , E! News , US Weekly , and Perez Hilton. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check my four celebrity news apps on my Iphone. Throughout my day I am constantly checking my apps , I don’t want to miss a single story! I even have celebrity news alerts so I can be alerted right away if there is a breaking or developing celebrity story.

I have to admit that I love celebrity gossip so much that I try to find ways to connect custom patches to celebrities. I have attempted this many times but I have never been able to connect my two passions until now! A couple of days ago , we received an order from a wonderful and interesting gentleman named Fernando Escovar. He wanted to order some custom patches for his new web series called Broke T.V. I was instantly intrigued and wanted to know more about his website. Fernando was more than happy to oblige my curiosity , he sent me a link to his website right away.

I was so excited when I entered his website because the first thing I noticed was the description of Broke T.V , it said that “Broke T.V is a comedy channel producing new spoof videos of celebrities and current events.” I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was finally going to be able to write a blog about custom patches and celebrities! I then had the pleasure of watching all of the celebrity spoof videos that were on the website. These videos were hilarious , I was so impressed! Needless to say I added Broke T.V to my daily ritual.

Below is the mock-up sample we created for Broke T.V. When the custom patch is created we will use 75% embroidery coverage and black , metallic grey , and white threading. I can’t wait to see the actual custom patches.  know they are going to look phenomenal!


Below you will find links to these amazingly funny videos. I think Broke T.V is going to be the next big thing! Say goodbye to Saturday Night Live and say hello to Broke TV. Enjoy!

* Please note that the videos are rated PG-13.

Broke TV Facebook Page :

Broke TV YouTube Channel:




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