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Business Ethics


Ethics. We all have them. But to what commitment level?


Everybody would love to be part of a world where ethics take priority. A world where we may not get every thing we wanted, but know we were treated fairly.

Business Ethics

Ethics do not just apply to individuals. They should apply to businesses as well. In a global business environment where technology and the internet means people can be doing business with reach over half a world apart from each other, business ethics is something that takes on a whole new meaning. Ethics do apply to businesses as well personal behavior. Business ethics is the application of ethical behavior by a business or in a business environment. An ethical business not only abides by laws and appropriate regulations, it operates honestly, competes fairly, provides a good work environment for its employees, and creates partnerships with customers. In other words, it keeps the best interest of all at the forefront of all decisions.

Characteristics of an Ethical Company


  •  An ethical organization operates honestly and with fairness. Some characteristics of an ethical company include the following:
  • Respect and fair treatment of employees, customers, vendors, and all who have a stake in and come in contact with the The/Studio.
  • Honest communication to all, but in The/Studio and external to The/Studio, our customers.
  • Very high standards for personal accountability and ethical behavior.
  • Clear communication of internal and external policies to all employees.
  • Integrity in everything.

These are all traits we like to pride ourselves in following at The/Studio. We do communicate honestly with customers. If there is ever an issue we will do everything we can to correct the issue.

We will always do unto others as we want others to do onto us.




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