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A Business with Purpose by Joseph

Its important to me that I am involved in a business that has a purpose, means something to people and is a force of good in the world.  I’m not going to claim that custom products are going to cure world hunger or create world peace.  However, I truly believe that The/Studio and our products do benefit the world in a positive way.  First of all the company has over 60 employees worldwide, and through our contractors we indirectly employ over 100 additional people.  We treat our staff and vendors with respect, we pay competitive wages, and we provide people with opportunity regardless of their sex, race or religion.  For example 55% of our managers are women and 45% of our managers are men.  We didn’t do this by design, but we just create an environment where people are able to succeed regardless of their background and it just happened that 55% of our managers are women.

Our products also benefit people in numerous ways.  All of our products are custom made, which means that there is a story behind each product.  Unfortunately one of our largest product categories is “In Memory Patches”.  These patches are custom produced for family, and friends of a person that has recently passed away.  Often times when someone from a sports team or motorcycle group passes away they produce “In Memory Patches” to commemorate that persons life.  The patch will often have the persons name, nickname, special design associated with that person and their jersey number if they were on a sports team.  This ability to customize and create a message on our product, is what makes custom products truly something that touches people.

On a happier note most of our patches celebrate life.  We do patches for sports teams, airsoft groups, church congregations, and the other day I even saw that we produced a woven label to commemorate a wedding.  People use our products because they want to celebrate or remember something that is important (usually happy), and they realize that this can’t be done through a generic product that is purchased at the store.

Personally I recently used our company’s service to create a custom product in memory of my grandfather.  While at my grandfathers funeral the Rabbi asked me what I do for a living.  I pointed to his lapel pin and I told him “We make custom products like the one you are wearing.”  He said “Oh, we actually need more of these lapel pins for my congregation.  Could you make some for me?”  I told him that would be no problem.  The/Studio donated 200 lapel pins to the synagogue in memory of my grandfather.

pins for temple

Recently during the holidays my Mother, Grandmother and Sister attended the synagogue and the custom lapel pins were given to people as gifts in memory of my grandfather.


This gesture really meant something to my mother, sister and grandmother and of course it meant something to me also.  I truly believe that all of our products touch everyone in a different way, but always in a positive way.




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