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How It Can Benefit An Entrepreneur To Be More Obsessive Compulsive Part 3 by Joseph H

November 10, 2014

Most people don’t expect perfection in their own life, because it is tiring and exhausting.  However, people always want perfection out of the brands that they purchase from, whether they realize it consciously or subconsciously.  Studies have proven that small little details can send subconscious indicators to people that make them either trust or distrust a brand.

As an entrepreneur its important to train yourself to look at the details, and to always criticize in the hopes of making things better.  I have trained myself to always look for small problems in grammar, colors, and even small usability issues in our website.  I also try to encourage my staff to also adopt this way of thinking, by constantly talking to them about the importance of striving for perfection.

I also understand that striving for perfection also needs to balanced with reality.  Last year we redesigned one of our websites, and we spent a lot of money and resources on working with a very high end design firm to complete this project.   We thought we made the perfect site, and it performed horribly in comparison to the original site.  It took us months to tweak the site to get back to the level of performance of the original site.

We took months going back and forth with the design firm on trying to make the perfect site, when in hindsight I realize that it would have been better to just make incremental improvements to the old site.  It might not have looked as good as the new site, but it would have performed better, and we wouldn’t have wasted so much money and time.

In addition to having a critical and keen eye for detail, I think its also important to understand what to focus this energy on, and also to balance it out with the realities of your business.  I don’t think there is a set formula for balancing perfection with pragmatism, because obviously McDonald’s and Gucci need to focus on different things, and their levels of perfection need to be different.  I think each entrepreneur needs to learn for themselves what the right balance is for their company and customer.

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However, one absolute fact is that no matter what, your organization is never perfect and constantly striving for perfection will help your customer, employees and business.

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