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Challenge Coin Process by Sara

November 17, 2014

I would like to share with our customers the process of creating a challenge coin:


1.Our talented designers will create artwork for you. (3days
   Please make sure the design ,color ,option,material are correct on the mock-up sample.

2.We will create a mold for you and make a actual sample after your mock-up is approved .(8-10days)

Usually the mold charge is $100.00. It is important to make sure all  the details are correct because there is a additional charge for edits requested on the mold.

3.Your challenge coins go into production after the mold is approved. (18-20days)


Coin Materials:


1.Polished Gold Metal

2.Antique Gold Metal

3.Polished Silver Metal

4.Antique Silver Metal

5. Nickel Metal

6.Polished Brass Metal

7.Antique Brass Metal

8.Polished Copper Metal

9.Antique Copper Metal

 Edge Options:

1.Plain Edge

2.Diamond Edge

3.Oblique Edge

4.Rope Edge

 Packing Options:

1.Velvet Bag

2.Standard PVC pouch

3.Velvet Box
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