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Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins

We are so excited to introduce you to our most recent product, Custom Challenge Coins! It was only a matter of time, until we would start producing Challenge Coins. Here at The/Studio, we pride ourselves in being innovative but we also keep up with the trends in our industry. For those of you who are not familiar with Challenge coins, it’s time for a history lesson!


Challenge Coins first originated during World War 1. The story goes that a lieutenant (his name not known) ordered bronze coins and bestowed them upon his unit. Now Challenge Coins are used by sororities , fraternities , companies and organizations. There is rarely a challenge associated with Challenge coins anymore, they are now just given to unify and build morale.


You are probably wondering how a patch company got started creating Challenge Coins, the truth of the matter is that coins and patches are very similar. They both identify and honor groups. The very first coin we ever created was for Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity at Cal Berkley  University. The owner of Patches by The/Studio was a member of this fraternity when he attended the University of Berkeley.


Let’s take a look at the coin that we created for them. This beautiful coin shown below was created for those who have donated money to the fraternity. It’s their way of thanking them for such generous contributions.


Patches by The/Studio is a multifaceted company. Although we are known for our custom patches , we never limited ourselves to producing just one product. We are always looking for new products that will grab our customers attention and we believe custom challenge coins are just the product to do so!




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