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Cheap Lapel Pins: How to Make Sure You Aren’t Sacrificing Quality

Quality vs. quantity is often the debate at hand, and the fact is that not all products are created equal. Some manufacturers allow design flaws and flimsy materials without concern about customer approval. This is a common problem in the production process, and submitting orders for custom lapel pins with lower-per-unit pricing can often result in low-quality production from cheap manufacturers who simply want your money and aren’t concerned about the outcome, especially when you’re ordering low minimum order quantities (MOQs).

With so many providers of cheap lapel pins out there, running into low-quality materials, artwork, and design details can ruin the process of creating custom lapel pins. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to avoid common issues with unscrupulous retailers, while also knowing what to look for in a quality custom designer offering lower per-unit-pricing, meeting your MOQ requirements, and offering a simple ordering process.

Cheap Lapel Pins: How to Avoid 5 Common Issues with Unscrupulous Retailers

Some retailers skimp on not only price for cheap lapel pins, but also quality. Here are some ways to avoid common issues with unreliable manufacturers:

ISSUE #1: Flimsy materials. Low-quality, lightweight metals and materials are not sturdy.

AVOIDING THE ISSUE: Find a company that offers soft and hard enamel custom pins with a more durable quality that will produce high-end results, even at lower per-unit-pricing.


ISSUE #2: Design flaws. When vendors don’t guarantee their pins, artwork details regularly don’t display well on pins.

AVOIDING THE ISSUE: Some enamel pins are manufactured with a more polished transfer of details, guaranteeing a top quality product. Try to find a partner with custom-plating options for pins to ensure that your pin is polished with a high-quality appearance.


ISSUE #3: No production prototypes. Many vendors simply don’t offer production prototypes. Small text and wrong colors are often the results of a provider that does not do quality checks throughout the production process.

AVOIDING THE ISSUE: There are two elements related to quality control measures: carefully-managed production and a dedicated approval process. Work with a partner who ensures that the artwork you’ve submitted is carefully managed throughout every step. You should have the opportunity to see the pin and approve the product image before final production.


ISSUE #4: Expensive design changes. Some manufacturers will nickel and dime you for every single design change. These direct-to-factory networks refer to such pricing as “soft costs” that will arise throughout the production process including such things as design fees, quality control, and more.

AVOIDING THE ISSUE: Ask for up-front pricing that is inclusive of any design changes.


ISSUE #5: High-priced shipping and shipping delays. Shipping is just too expensive! Getting through customs is a major challenge as well for many overseas manufacturers. Most are not able to expedite the process of delays in shipping.

AVOIDING THE ISSUE: With the right partner, shipping should be offered as a free service and can be expedited no matter how many pins you order.

What to Look for in a Quality Custom Pin Designer

A quality custom pin designer will work with the artwork you’ve submitted and offer a customer satisfaction approval process before production ever even begins.

Design Details:

Design details are submitted by you as a basic sketch, image type, or graphic. A reputable manufacturer will:

Professionally prepare a design mock-up with a smooth appearance

Include an approval process where you sign off on the sample and approve it for the final production to begin.

Materials for Base and Pin Backings:

When your pin base is enamel, you can be sure that the quality of the pin is the best possible and that you can choose from a wide variety of colors and finishes. Your pin backings will be sturdy and available in various options like:

Butterfly clutch. This type of backing is a traditional offering that many prefer for cheap lapel pins

Rubber clutch. This pin backing is secured as a black, rubber closure

Deluxe clutch. This is a butterfly-type clutch with a brushed metal appearance and texture

A high-quality provider will also offer other options like magnetic and safety pin backings. 

Ordering Pins at Lower Per-Unit Prices without Sacrificing Quality

So, quality vs. quantity: how can you have both? How do you find a manufacturing partner that will enable you to order at low MOQs and still receive lower-per-unit pricing without sacrificing quality? A quality partner will address all of your needs for exemplary production, as well as be able to answer important questions upfront like, “How much do custom pins cost?” 

The/Studio has completed orders for over 100,000 satisfied customers. We realize all products — including cheap lapel pins — are not created equally, and we strive to produce quality products even at lower-per-unit pricing. We offer creators an on-demand manufacturing tool to help ensure that your final product matches the artwork you’ve submitted and approved. Materials and metals are of premium quality and your shipping is free, no matter your MOQs.

The/Studio is a custom lapel pin designer that enables creators to design pins more quickly and efficiently, exactly to your specifications. If you’re interested in creating cheap lapel pins without sacrificing quality, contact us or create your product today.




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