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Christmas in China by Alex

It’s Christmas Time in China

Since Christmas will be here in a couple of days, I thought it would be nice to talk about Christmas in China.

China is a traditional country with a 5,000 year history. But with the development of economic globalization, China is becoming more and more modern.

As a result, many foreign festivals are becoming popular all around China, such as Valentine’s Day, April Fools, Thanksgiving Day, etc.. Christmas is one of that is celebrated the most.

Now many young people in China are well educated and have had the opportunity to be exposed to western culture from books, TV shows and movies. Because of this young people celebrate Christmas the most in China.

Christmas is celebrated the most in big cities. In rural areas you rarely see any evidence of Christmas. When December comes, you will start to see Christmas Trees everywhere! Many stores will put up a Christmas Tree in front of their store to attract more business.


You can feel the spirit of Christmas in China, but it is not natural and real because Christmas is new to China. People do everything on purpose. Actually believe it or not, Christmas is another Valentine’s Day to young people in China.

Many young people and students are using this special day and opportunity to profess their love each other. So on Christmas Eve you can see many lovers walking on the streets, having dinner, going to movies, etc..

Anyway, I like Christmas. At least it gives me a chance to have a good time with my girlfriend. LOL..

Merry Christmas!

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