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Color Issues by Alex

Situation 1:

It happened a lot that customers complained that the color of received patches were not the same as the mock up or not exactly the same as pantone colors that were provided.  I want to explain to our customers how production works. It shows clearly pantone numbers for each color on the approved mock up sample. Based on the pantone colors we need to use our judgment to find the thread that has the closest color as the pantone numbers. Actually this is not an easy job. In fact, we don’t have an exact thread for each pantone number. The pantone is just for our color reference. So as a result it is hard for us to match the pantone color 100%. What we can do is to find the closest one.

pantone color thread numbers

 Situation 2:

Here is another example of color issues we have experienced . When we receive reoccurring orders, some of our customers said the color of the patches were not the same as their previous order. The design is exactly the same but the color was different. The  customer requested that we redo all of the patches and make sure the color is the same. To be honest, our production team used the same thread with the same color. So how could this happen? There are different batches of threads that the factory dyes. Although it’s the same color, it came out different than the time before.  The factory  can’t promise the color will be exactly the same.



Situation 3:

We once got an order from our customer which was  a patch with 75% embroidery coverage. The customer wanted the twill color and the thread color to be identical.  We told our customer the twill color and the thread color can’t match perfectly because they are made of different materials.  If a customer wants the colors to be the same, we recommend they choose 100% embroidery coverage.



We hope this will help our customer better understand the color issue and better understand our production process.  Thank you!




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