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Commemorating a life with In Memory Patches

December 7, 2014


In Memory Patches are believed to have originated from the motorcycle community.  When a member of a bike club passes away, members of that particular bike club would create a custom patch to commemorate the life and passing of that particular member, and wear their patch on a leather jacket or vest alongside with their biker clubs patch and other insignia that represented their biker club.   The creation and wearing of in memory patches has also been adopted specifically by sports teams and the military, but we have even seen companies create in memory patches for employees that have passed away. An In Memory Patch is truly a beautiful way to celebrate someone’s life, as it is something that can be passed out to many people and they can wear the patch on a garment of their choice to celebrate that persons life.  Of course we hate making these patches, and its sometimes heart breaking to see In Memory Patches for children that didn’t even reach the age of 10.  However, we are proud to be able to be part of what is really a truly beautiful American cultural custom. Here are some In Memory Patches that we have produced.

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