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Communication by Greg


The internet has drastically changed the way people conduct business.

There was a time, not that long ago, if you could not find what you were looking for in your city, town, or the yellow pages you just were not going to be able to get it.

The internet has changed all that.  The world is now your city or town and Google is your yellow pages.

But one thing has remained constant when it comes to custom manufacturing.  That is the fact the customer still needs to effectively communicate with the manufacturer to assure their product is produced the way they want it to be produced.  And the best way to make sure this communication is understood completely is through conversation with the company producing the product.

The/Studio understands this.  This is why there are Specialist and Customer Service Representatives available to make sure what you are requesting is what is going to be produced.


Are there still challenges,?  Of course.  I remember back in the day when I was a communications trainer driving the point that what you say, or what you hear, is not always the case.

I would have two people sitting across from each other with a panel between the two.  I would then provide each person and envelop with five puzzle pieces.  These pieces were different colors and formed the letter “T” when put together.  What the participates did not know was that the color of the pieces were different for each participate.

At first the person assigned to explain how to put the puzzle together was the only one allowed to talk.  After about five minutes then the person receiving the instructions would be able to ask questions for clarification.

It was always interesting watching the confusion and frustration of one person trying to explain to the other how to put the puzzle together when they both realized neither were getting the message clearly.

The lesson is that even if you know exactly 100% what you are explaining, it does not always mean that the other person is exactly 100% comprehending what is being said.  We work with customers to make sure everybody, both us and the customer, understand the needs, want, and desires – 100%.




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