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Complaining Customers by Emmy

December 7, 2014

No one likes to hear complaining, especially from an angry customer, but unfortunately it goes along with running a business because no company is 100% perfect.  In my opinion, a complaining customer is a loyal customer, and it’s actually a good thing if you’re customers call you to complain because it gives you an opportunity to “fix” their problem or issue.  Just like in a marriage, when your wife is silent, you know something is really wrong, haha!  When someone complains or tells you how they feel, it means they think you are capable of fixing their problem in order to continue in the relationship whether it be business or personal.  How a company handles an upset customer determines the future outcome.

The/Studio sends out surveys from time to time, and unlike other companies, we actually read them.  We recently received a survey from a customer saying they are very happy with our pricing, and lead-times but they wish we offered terms to our customers.  In fact, The/Studio does offer terms to our corporate customers and/or larger customers, so we were able to call that customer and let him know that terms is indeed something we offer.  He could have easily tried finding patches and labels elsewhere, but he chose to tell us what he wanted, and we were able to give it to him and he will continue ordering from us because of it.  So I personally love to hear my customers complain, because I work for a company who is in not only the trims business but also the “fixing” business.

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