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Cool Cross Patch

December 19, 2015

We aren’t sure what this patch is for, but it caught our eyes.  We appreciate extremely simple patches.

One thing that is very notable about this patch is that the reds in the patch are almost an identical match, despite the fact that they use different materials.  The red border is done with a merrowed border, the background is a red twill, and the drop inside the cross is done with red embroidery.  We pride ourselves on having access to more embroidery threads, merrowed border threads and cotton twills than any of our competitors.  As a result we can basically match any color.  This customer was very specific that the reason he chose our company was because we assured the customer that we could consistently match the twill and threads with the same color reds.   The perfection of the small red drop stitched onto the white area of the patch is another testament to the skills of our digitizers and our awesome Japanese imported Tajima machines.

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