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Cool Patches


Every now and then we like to write a cool patches blog entry which features cool and unique patches that we have produced recently.  The list today: #1 – This was a patch done for the LAPD’s Wilshire District Vice Department.  Vice usually goes undercover to bust drug dealers, and other unsavory characters.  So we all wondered why they would produce a patch announcing who they are.  We are still waiting for the answer on that. #2 – We unfortunately don’t know what this is for, but its a very unique design. #3 – This is an interesting patch.  Orange merrowed border, orange stitching, with white twill and white stitching.  We don’t know what the patch is for, and we don’t even really have any guesses.  We did a Google search for Marfa, Texas and they have a population of less than 2000 people, so its anyone’s guess what this patch is for. #4 – This is a sharp looking patch. #5 – Here is a patch produced for a company called Pint Labs.  Nice name. #6 – This is interesting.  It’s a small patch that is only one inch in width.  Its a patch that is a testament to the excellent training that our digitizers receive to be able to produce digitized designs with such detail, its a testament to the high quality Tajima machines that we use, and its also a testament to our high quality laser machines that we use to help us with cutting the patches.  We don’t know what this patch is for.  Maybe instead of a crocodile like what is featured in the Lacrosse brand, maybe this customer will use a squid as their symbol and sew it onto shirts. #7 – We are proud to say we made patches for Skyy Vodka. #8 – Another patch from a famous brand.  Great America.  Awesome roller coasters!! #9 – Nice looking green that matches well with the black and white.  And yes another famous brand that trusted Patches by The/Studio #10 – Farm America!! Nice message on this custom patch.  Can’t disagree with it.




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