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Couture For Women On A Budget

Meet our Customer of the Week, Veronaca Simpson

I want to introduce you to Veronaca Simpson, a fashion extraordinaire. She describes in her own words her life of couture!   

The/Studio: Tell our community about CaVerona Couture!

Veronaca: CaVerona Couture gives everyday women confidence, individualism and style to be worn every day. CaVerona Couture wants to give the working mothers, wives, college students… a chance to also be fashionistas, but at bargain prices.  Women want to feel unique, stand out in a crowd, and look well-put together and stylish but often cannot afford to do so. It is important for CaVerona Couture to display bold colors, various textures and tones of fabrics at prices that are reasonable to customers.

Veronaca Simpson


The/Studio: What made you start CaVerona Couture?

Veronaca: As a teen, I began my love affair with fashion. I would often, put pieces together in a way that no one else would wear them. I would often get compliments on my style. As an adult, I still get compliments, but the compliments mean more being that I am usually complimented on my own pieces. Women began to ask me to make pieces for them. I obliged, and the rest is history, ‘CaVerona Couture’ has become a brand. The pieces that I create are one of a kind; I take pride in creating designs that are exclusive and unique for the individual.

The/Studio: What about your fashion brand are you most proud of?

Veronaca: Many things come to mind when I think of what I am proud of about CaVerona Couture.  I am most proud of seeing the progress in my sewing abilities, styling and knowledge of patterns and fabrics.  Implementing my ideas, and seeing them come to fruition is extremely gratifying. But there was something missing when completing my pieces. I needed labels.

The/Studio: What is the story behind the product you created with The/Studio?

Veronaca: The/Studio gave my fashion line the finishing touch of CaVerona Couture Labels that were needed. I have enjoyed my experience with The/Studio. The Studio staff was friendly, helpful, professional and motivating.  I felt as though they were just as excited for my vision as myself.  It assured me that I was making the correct choices and it felt good that they had my best interest at heart. My labels are a very important aspect to my designs, they act as the punctuation to the end of a sentence, makes my designs complete.

The/Studio: Where do you see CaVerona in 10 years?

Veronaca: In 10 years, I see CaVerona Couture distributing designs to boutiques as well as one or two boutiques of my own.  I also hope to have online sells via CaVerona Couture website. By then, I would hope to be financially able to give back to the community by donating clothing to homeless women, women reentering the work place after being incarcerated and to those who are in poverty and just want to feel good about themselves but can’t afford to do so.  As the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good.





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