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Create Custom Products to Celebrate the Olympics

After a long wait – one that was a year longer than usual! – the Olympic Games are finally here. Taking place from July 23 to August 8, 2021, it’s a chance for Olympians all over the world to compete for their chance to take home the gold. And it’s a time for us to watch people going after their dreams, setting new records, pushing the human body to its limits, and doing amazing things many of us could only dream of doing.

And with 28 sports offered at the summer games, chances are many of your customers are planning on being glued to the TV to bask in Olympic glory. Maybe you haven’t thought about it this way yet, but the Olympics can also be a way to generate revenue in your online shop. 

In honor of the Olympic games, you could put athletic pieces on sale, sell patriotic pieces to help support Team USA or other countries, or simply do a 10% off everything sale throughout the Olympics.

Or you could always go a step further and create an entire Olympic-themed collection!

No need to make custom products by hand, unless you’re into that sort of thing. If you have a great product idea and the right manufacturer to partner with, you can bring your vision without all the DIY hassle. With The/Studio’s handy product creation tool, you decide what your product will look like – the type of product you’ll design, materials, colors, embroidery, and other specs – and trusted factories do the hard work of designing your final product, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping your order directly to your doorstep. (And if you select rush shipping, you could even get everything in hand before the Olympics are over!)

So what kind of custom products could you make to commemorate the Summer Olympics? Here are just a few ideas!


Custom Hats to Celebrate the Olympics

custom hats olympics

Create a collection of custom hats to commemorate the Summer Olympics. You could create a hat with vintage-inspired embroidery that says “Tokyo 2021”, classic Olympic rings, “Team USA,” or even a design inspired by a certain event or athlete. The/Studio allows you to customize materials, embroidery, screen printing, brim style, and so much more, allowing you to create a totally unique custom hat.

With The/Studio, you can create all kinds of custom Olympic hats, including:

  • Custom Olympic snapback hats
  • Custom Olympic dad hats
  • Custom Olympic trucker hats
  • Custom Olympic five-panel hats
  • Custom Olympic beanies
  • And more!

Learn more about custom hats


Custom Socks to Celebrate the Olympics

custom socks for the olympics

Save your customers from boring white socks by creating a fun pair of Olympic-themed socks. You could create colorful socks with an Olympic rings pattern throughout, socks with an event-themed pattern like balance beams, volleyballs, or swimming goggles, or create some classic solid-colored socks with “Tokyo 2021” embroidered on the cuff. The/Studio allows you to customize cuff size, materials, embroidery, style, fabrication method, and so much more, allowing you to create custom socks like no one’s ever seen before.

Learn more about custom socks


Custom Stickers to Celebrate the Olympics

custom stickers olympics

Create commemorative stickers saying “Tokyo 2021” for your customers to decorate their water bottles with. Alternatively, you could create cute event-themed stickers or inspirational stickers featuring impressive female athletes or Olympic underdogs who show that truly anything is possible. The/Studio allows you to customize shapes, colors, backing, adhesive, materials, and so much more, allowing you to create super eye-catching custom vinyl, clear, or holographic stickers.

Learn more about custom stickers

Custom Patches to Celebrate the Olympics

custom patches olympics

For a classic look that’s as timeless as the Olympics themselves, look no further than custom patches. Custom patches are perfect for commemorating events with a vintage-style look, plenty of customization possibilities, and the freedom for your customers to affix them to any jacket, hat, bag, or other accessories they choose. The/Studio allows you to customize shapes, style, embroidery, materials, colors, backing, and so much more for truly one-of-a-kind custom Olympic patches. 

Learn more about custom patches

Custom Pins to Celebrate the Olympics

custom pins olympics

Another great option for commemorating events, custom Olympic pins are great because they can be easily removed and affixed to any article of clothing or accessory your customers would like. (Put another way, they could rep their pins during the entire Olympic games, on every outfit!) Create a custom pin that commemorates the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, use colored enamel to recreate the iconic Olympic rings, create a gold-medal pin, or something else that’s creative and fun. The/Studio allows you to customize materials, style, colors, backing, design, and so much more for a totally unique Olympic pin. 

Learn more about custom pins

Custom Medals to Celebrate the Olympics

custom medals olympics

Hosting an Olympics watch party? Putting on your own makeshift Olympic games, complete with relay races and beach volleyball tournaments? Take your themed party to the next level by creating custom Olympic-style medals. You can create custom bronze, silver, and gold medals with high-quality engraving and custom-printed ribbons for a party favor your guests will never forget.

Learn more about custom medals

How to Create Custom Products to Celebrate the Olympics

Interested in creating any of these custom products to celebrate the Olympics? To streamline the entire process, look no further than The/Studio’s handy product creation tool. You’ll simply choose the type of product you want to make, personalize all sorts of specs, upload the design you’d like printed or embroidered, approve a mockup, receive your order in the mail with free shipping, and you’re ready to start distributing your Olympic-themed custom products! And with no minimum order quantities, industry-leading customer service, and free shipping, celebrating Olympic season with The/Studio is a gold-medal idea.

Create your custom products here!




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