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Create Your Own Beanie

Custom knit beanies are the perfect way to accessorize in colder weather. Create your one-of-a-kind beanie today!

When it gets cold, keeping your head warm is crucial. As fall and winter approach, everyone is lining out their cold-weather apparel to stay warm, and beanies are the ultimate winter headwear! They’re lightweight, affordable, and easy to stuff in a pocket or backpack when you don’t need them. As a result, they’re a great addition to any retail or e-commerce store. When you add custom designs, tags, patches, and other accessories to your quality beanies, they’ll have high markup potential, too. Personalized embroidered beanies are truly one-of-a-kind! 

women wearing a custom beanie holding shopping bags

All told, custom beanies are perfect for all sorts of uses, from company swag to outdoor gear to fashion brands. It’s no wonder that the hat market is now worth over $2.5 billion!

Who Leads the Beanie Market?

According to MarketWatch, global players in the beanie market include Patagonia, Outdoor Research, FILSON, Banks, Smartwool, The North Face, Lacoste, Arc’teryx, Nike, Rag and Bone, Carhartt, Askov Finlayson, Pistil, Coal, Saturdays NYC, Duckworth, Brixton, and Topo Designs. As you can see, these brands span the full gamut from fashion to athleisure to rugged outdoor gear and apparel brands.

The point is that almost any brand can see great success when they create their own custom-woven beanies. All demographics respond well to beanies, especially in the colder fall and winter months.

The/Studio Does it Better

Here at The/Studio, your creation process has NO LIMITS. That means you can compete with any global player, because you control EVERY aspect of the process, from the order quantity (NO MOQs!) to dozens of customization options, from labels, embroidery, and knit logos to pom-poms and cuffs. You can choose from cotton, acrylic, or blended wool and cotton material, so you can design your beanie specifically to appeal to your demographic, whether it’s functional outdoorsmen looking for warmth, hip urbanites looking for style, or something in between! 

When you create with us, you aren’t just DIYing a custom beanie, either. You can take advantage of FREE designs and advice from our creative specialists and designers!

How to Create Custom Beanies

For starters, and decide whether you would like to work with one of our Creative Specialists or if you would like to create your own beanie hat all by yourself, using our Create Tool! 

Whichever route you choose, it’s time to customize your beanie. Here are the steps you’ll take!

Choose the style

  • Beanie w/ 6 crown darts (3 front and 3 back, our most popular choice)
  • Beanie w/ 4 crown darts (2 front and 2 back)
  • Beanie w/ 2 crown darts (1 front and 1 back)

Choose the structure

  • Cuffed beanie 
  • Basic beanie 
  • Cuffed beanie with pom 
  • Basic beanie with pom 

Choose the material

  • 100% acrylic 
  • 100% cotton 
  • 20% wool / 80% cotton 

Choose from Knit, Embroidered, or Printed Designs 

  • Embroidery on front 
  • Knit design on front 
  • Knit design on front and back 
  • Embroidery on front and back 
  • Fleece lining 
  • Puff embroidery on front and back 

Choose branding for your beanie 

  • Sew-on custom label (separate order) 
  • Sew-on custom patch (separate order)  

Custom Beanie Prices

  • $11.12 per beanie for 50 beanies 
  • $9.88 per beanie for 100 beanies 
  • $8.99 per beanie for 200 beanies 
  • $8.76 per beanie for 300 beanies 
  • $8.37 per beanie for 500 beanies 
  • $7.82 per beanie for 5,000 beanies 

Design Your Custom Beanie Now!

If you’d like more information, please speak with a creative specialist or visit our FAQs section!  




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