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Creating Military Pins to Honor Service and Sacrifice

Whether you know one personally or not, supporting military service members is important. For Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day or a privately special day, honoring the valiant efforts and sacrifices of our military across the world is always a worthwhile cause.

There are many ways to do this, but an excellent and long-lasting one is by creating custom military pins to recognize various branches and units in active duty as well as our veterans and disabled heroes. We can inspire our customers, teams, and fellow patriots with custom flags and other inspirational pins. And, because our military is top-notch, you’ll need those pins to be top quality, too.

As military leaders will tell you, it’s important to be vigilant and to pay attention to the fine details. So finding a partner to create military pins for your unit, branch, veteran, or event means looking for one that exudes pride, quality, and style while also ensuring the fine details are taken care of during the customization process. Here’s what you need to know.

3 Types of Military Pins and How to Customize Them

There are 3 major types of military pins and multiple ways that you can customize them. 

Pins can be created in various sizes, using different materials like soft or hard enamel, and in low minimum order quantities (MOQs). You can also choose various material colors and finishes like shiny gold, silver, gunmetal, or even antique gold, silver, or brass.

Here’s an overview of the various pin types and also a number of ideas for customization:

1.    Branch and Unit Pins

Branch and unit pins are often utilized for those currently serving in the armed forces. Military pins for specific branches like the Army or Air Force can clearly identify service or unit type by using recognizable imagery. Here are more details on ways to customize these pins:

• Branch-specific pins for the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, or Peace Corp

• War or theater-specific recognition pins for those who served in the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and others.

• Commendation medals can also be complemented with commendation pins signifying high-level military achievements for branches and units

• Unit awards may include presidential citations, joint meritorious unit awards, valorous unit awards, and unit bravery awards

• Nameplates for uniforms, t-shirts, jackets, and military gear can help to identify who’s who on base

• Expedition accomplishments require special courage recognition presented to servicemen and women for their deployment overseas and for active duty conflict; awards can include matching military pins for honorary ceremonies and area-specific accomplishments 

• Armed Forces Day tributes that celebrate our men and women in the armed and special forces. Consider offering special tributary custom military pins created for the occasion as giveaways for parades, base gatherings, and unit-specific acknowledgments

• Staff achievements and officer promotion. From privates to petty officers to sergeants and majors, military pins add the unique and personal touch to promotion ceremonies and staff achievements

• Military intelligence pins. From a compass rose to security award pins, these intelligence pins signify specially-assigned personnel for the safety of our government

Equally important are non-active duty veterans and disabled veterans who gave their valuable time and lives for our country’s freedom.

2.    Veteran Pins

Veterans who’ve served their time and have retired or are disabled often wear military pins on hats, jackets, bags, or other gear. Not only can you select different metal colors but you can also select the number of colors in your design.

A U.S. veteran deserves to be remembered for many special occasions and purposes. Your online store, veteran’s event, or recognition ceremony can offer military pins to honor the duty and sacrifice of these brave men and women in a variety of ways, including:

Veteran’s Day commemoration

National Military Appreciation Month

U.S. flags with veteran contribution mentioned

Commemorative anniversaries

“Soldier for life” pins

Officer and rank-specific pins and challenge coins

POW pins recognizing those we’ve lost or who may still be missing

Combat action recognition military pins and metals




Service appreciation

3.    Patriot Pins

There are so many reasons to be grateful for our freedom and exhibit patriotism for various holidays and purposes. Patriotic pins can be worn by anyone in the service, in a military family, customers of your military eTail shop, or anyone just looking to show support for those who serve. 

Here are some suggestions for ways to wear these pins and even occasions you may want to celebrate with a custom pin design:

Simple American flag pin recognition for any occasion 

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Moms, dads, and family of military personnel

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Patriot tributes

Operation Gratitude pins

USA pins

American eagle pins

Fundraising for critical causes like Wounded Warriors or Disabled Veterans

Now that you’ve learned the 3 types of military tribute pins that are available along with many different ways to customize them, then, you’re ready to create your custom pins to honor military sacrifice and service.

Creating Pins that Honor Sacrifice and Service

There are heroes among us who serve our amazing country every day. Their valor and dedication can be recognized by creating military pins that honor their branch and unit, years of service, and sacrifice. And, we, as Americans can show our respect through our online shop offerings, flag and patriotic lapel pins, and gifts for our units, teams, customers, and associates.

The/Studio is ready for your order with an on-demand creators’ design tool and a simple process for ordering. There are so many ways to honor military and veterans’ service and heroics, and display your own sense of patriotism daily.

The/Studio is a custom designer of custom military pins customized for various branches and units, veterans, and general patriots, available in low MOQs at lower per-unit pricing. Contact us or create your product today.

Image Credit | Kelsie Taylor  | Shutterstock




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