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Creative Cups, Mugs and Tumblers for your coffee by Christian

Mugs with personality


For most coffee drinkers or health-conscientious tea drinkers, a mug is more than just a utilitarian device to hold hot beverages. Whether it be a ceramic mug, travel mug, thermos or tumbler, a mug is a personal statement of the person drinking from it. In your household, for example, don’t you think that you could pick out which mug belongs to the “World’s Greatest Dad”? In this blog post, we’ve scoured the internet in search of some of the most unique mugs out there, and here’s what we’ve found.

Would you put your lips on that?


In a Trip Magazine article by Sonny M. Day, the author highlighted 30 unique mugs that you can purchase online. First off, Big Mouth Toys has designed many humorous ceramic mugs for an 18+ audience. Using shapes that you wouldn’t expect to put your mouth on, these mugs ensure your wake-me-up drink is always accompanied by a smile! Just as a teaser, check out their toilet bowl mug and hole-in-the-head designs below!

Sit back and relax

toliet coffee mug

For all of life’s stresses

black gun coffee mug

Director’s cut coffee


Every one knows that coffee is a crucial part of the creative process, and as the common saying goes, “a picture is worth 1,000 words”. Well, do you have an old camera zoom-lens lying around? At, these creative photographers have an eye for refreshing beverages. With these travel mugs, now any photography hobbyists can shoot expressive pictures with a double shot of espresso!

Say cheese!

camera lense coffee mug

No more disposable cups

An airline pilot for 17 years has recently invented an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cups from fast-food restaurants across America – the Collapse-a-Cup. This is a microwavable, dish-washable travel mug for people truly on-the-go. It is a fully functional, temperature insulating travel mug that can be compressed from drinking height of 7″ all the way down to a stow-away size of 3″

Innovation inspired coffee

travel mug in different colors

The/Studio’s own inventiveness


We at The/Studio truly appreciate the imaginative ways people are able to rethink an ordinary product, turning an every-day routine into something exciting and completely new! We would like to celebrate all the cups and mugs above, and now, we are prepared to make own contribution to the inventive world of hot beverages. We now offer tumblers with your own custom patch inside.

Introducing: Tumblers by The/Studio


In a recent post, I demonstrate that tumblers are no laughing matter, and actually personalized tumblers are a very unique way to promote your business or organization. We at The/Studio have a large following of patch enthusiasts, so we are very happy to offer our community yet another way to customize their patch. By purchasing your custom tumblers, we will adhere your patch right into the center of your tumbler. That means all you have to do is fill your tumbler up with the beverage of your choice, and your unique design will be on display! At home, in the office or on the go, custom tumblers are a great addition to your custom products collection! To reuse my favorite tumblers slogan, tumblers by The/Studio keep your hot beverages hot, your cold beverages cold, and they are the coolest new way to show off your custom patch!

 Order your custom tumblers today!





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