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Creative Ways Custom Patches Can Show Off Your Personality

Ever seen a patch on a cloth or backpack that cracked you up real hard because it was so funny? Yes? Indeed, custom patches can be an expression of your personality. You could add a patch to your jacket or mobile accessories to amuse your fellow bikers. 

Troops also wear fun morale patches on their uniforms to make funny inside jokes and build an esprit de corps with military personnel.

We love the personality and humor that these patches bring to light. So if you are wondering how to let your personality shine through with some humorous quotes and texts via patches, here are a few ways:


Customized patches let you add a little bit of style to everything you own. From printed and embroidered patches to woven patches, you can customize and turn your clothes into something unique that suits you.

You can also revamp the look of your clothes. If you love being the funny one in a group, add patches to your jacket, jeans, or vest. The patches can highlight a short quote, witty aphorisms, and family-friendly jokes. 

Rest assured that you’re going to be the center of attention with creative patches on your cloth, particularly the ones with brightly colored images.

Mobile Phone Cases/Accessories

Keep your phones safe while showing off who you really are. You can patch your phone case with embroidered patches that feature unique textures. These patches will not only make your phone look exquisite, but it will also protect your phone and make people laugh. Bonus points if you add a cheesy slogan like “Our phones fall, we panic. Our friends fall, we laugh.”

Knee Patches for Kids

Using patches instead of the normal kid-like plastic toys to keep your kids excited might not be the best idea, but hey…you can never tell until you try, right? 

For instance, kids can be pretty hard on their jeans with all of the crawling, climbing, and scooting. Even the strongest jeans wear and tear after a while. Instead of discarding those pairs of holey-kneed pants, use a knee patch to turn a simple pair of pants into something fun and unique. 

Minions, Pokemon, Superheroes, as well as funny kids quotes and design, can give a jean a fun and heroic makeover while making your kids smile.

Novelty Shirts

Expressing your fandom views via patches can drive your message in a fun way. It can also let you revamp your attire with great short quotes and promote freedom of expression through embroidery. 

There you have it. If you need a customized design for your patches, you know The/Studio is here for you.




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