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Creativity by Greg

October 5, 2014

We all have a part of us that is creative.  Some choose for whatever reason not to exercise their creativity, but it is there.


Creativity often spurs into hobbies we have.  That could be drawing, writing, coaching, music, bike riding, or a host of other activities.  Because think about it, all hobbies involve a degree of creativity in order for the activity to be enjoyable.
So why do you channel our creativity into hobbies?  Simply put, our hobbies provide us with several well meaning and deserved emotions such as joy, pride, mental escape from the day-to-day, pleasure, release, and much more.


I am not suggesting patches are a hobby.  They most certainly are not.  But they do channel creativity and the emotions one does get from a creative releasing hobby.  From design to the final product.

Every patch we produce is for someone that receives an emotion from viewing the patch.  It could be pride if a team, organization, or company.  It could be joy if the patch memorializes an event.  It could be pleasure, and yes pride, from achievement when they earned the patch.

75 embroidery coverage The Salvation Army PatchTopeka Custom Soccer PatchGirl Scout ECO Embroidered Patch

Patches do channel the creative and emotional aspects of us all.

So, besides patches how do I channel my creative side that brings me joy, pride, mental escape from the day-to-day, pleasure, release, and much more?  What do I consider my hobby that channels these emotions?  For me, it is photography.

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