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Crywolf Patches

Crywolf Clothing

The/Studio: Introduce yourselves!

Rose and Stephanie: We are Rose & Stephanie and together we run Crywolf – our brand where we design and sell our own clothing and accessories!

The/Studio: What is the story behind the custom patch you created with The/Studio?

Rose and Stephanie: We made this patch for our IndieGogo campaign which helps to fund our Brick and Mortar shop, which has been a long-time dream of ours, as we had an online store for 5 years.


The/Studio: Your logo is awesome, where did you get the idea for your logo?

Rose and Stephanie: We wanted to design something that was limited and also infers the idea belonging to a club or membership kind of deal.

The/Studio: Where did you adhere the custom patches to?

Rose and Stephanie: We love patches because they are so versatile and you can customize anything with them. We stick them to various things, mainly our jean jackets, vests, and bags.

The/Studio: What does this patch represent to you?

Rose and Stephanie: It represents happiness to us!

The/Studio: That’s wonderful! Where can we find your clothing ?

 Rose and Stephanie: We have an online store at and we recently opened our retail Flagship store in downtown Toronto, Canada at 91 Ossington Ave.

The/Studio: Has anyone commented on your patches?

Rose and Stephanie: Yes, a lot of people love them.

The/Studio: That’s good to hear! Where did you come up with the name “cry wolf” and what does it represent?

Rose and Stephanie: We came up with the name on a whim, while brainstorming names for our company. It just seemed to fit, and it loosely references the boy who cried wolf.

The/Studio: It’s a great name! Why did you choose patches for your clothing brand ?

Rose and Stephanie: We have always wanted something that is versatile that people can take with them and put on whatever they want. Patches are the perfect thing for that!

Thank you Rose and Stephanie for sharing your patch story with us! Make sure to check out Crywolf clothing , they have amazing attire and accessories! This brand is one of a kind! Visit




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