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Custom Art by Emmy

In addition to working for The Studio as an Account Executive, I am also an artist painting original and custom fine art pieces. I specialize in oil painting, but I will use any medium my client desires for their custom piece. Custom art is unique in the art world, most artists are very adamant about painting what their vision is, but I always felt that was unfair to the non-artist or those who don’t possess the ability to put their vision down on paper or canvas. I decided there was a void in the market for what I felt was an important service/product to offer, so I started offering custom pieces. My client can be as vague or specific as they want about their sought after piece, and I take their ideas and create their vision as I interpret it in my artist brain. Before I begin their piece there’s an imperative step they must complete: they must answer some semi-personal questions about their lives, interests, hobbies and anything else they think is important for me to know to ensure I create something they will love. I have a 100% satisfaction rate at this point and nothing brings me more joy than to see a happy client picking up their piece of art.

Here are few custom commissioned pieces I recently did:

Acrylic on Canvas He holds the world up for her

Acrylic on Canvas-“He Holds The World Up For Her”

Charcoal on Paper-Underwater Girl

Charcoal on Paper-“Underwater Girl”

Oil on Canvas-Window Pain

Oil on Canvas-“Window Pain”

Oil on Canvas- Solitary Strength in Scars

Oil on Canvas-“Solitary Strength in Scars”

The/Studio does the exact same thing I do as an artist, we create custom patches and trims for our customers with as little or as much information as our customer can give us.  We design it, make sure they like it, we price it and sample it and will continue to do so until our customer is happy with our product.  We are committed to our 100% satisfaction rate, and always have our customer’s vision in mind when producing every product we make.






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