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Custom Beanie Tags for Your Outdoor Apparel Brand


A stellar outdoor beanie is only as good as its tag. Custom hang tags are crucial for presenting your merch in style. 

As an outdoor apparel brand, presentation isn’t always everything. Outdoor enthusiasts need merch that doesn’t just look the part but does the job, too. Custom beanies are a great example of that. They’re naturally fashionable, but also extremely warm, ideal for outdoor adventures in the colder months of the year. 

However, a good-looking beanie is nothing without a custom-made hang tag, woven label, or printed label to get it ready for retail. Here’s why.

custom beanie tag

What are Beanie Tags

Beanie tags aren’t just your typical tags. The term “beanie tags” can refer to anything from hang tags to woven labels or printed labels. 

In short, hang tags are attached to your merchandise and usually have the name of your brand, the material specs, and the pricing. Woven labels and printed labels, meanwhile, typically also include product instructions, but they can also be used as trim and you can add your logo to them.

So, Why Should an Outdoor Apparel Brand Use Beanie Tags? 

A custom beanie has plenty of space to contain unique, vibrant designs, but beanie tags double that ​​brand awareness. It gives you space to showcase your brand’s unique voice, send a message to the consumer, and keep them informed about how to best care for their product. You can also use beanie tags to display promotions or discounts to get your customer to come back and shop more from your brand!

Beyond that, at a basic level beanie tags are needed to make your apparel retail ready (i.e. display price, barcode, etc.). They also elevate the presentation of your merchandise, offering higher markup potential. 

All of the big outdoor apparel brands use beanie tags, from Patagonia to The North Face, REI, Columbia, and Arc’teryx. 

Where Do I Place Beanie Tags?

That depends on whether we’re talking about hang tags or labels. Hang tags are usually attached through the seam of the beanie. If you order custom beanies with The/Studio, we can attach the hang tags for you, without any extra steps! If you purchase your beanies and tags separately, then you can go to a tailor or dry cleaner and they will usually attach them for a fee.

Woven labels and printed labels are typically found on the inside of the beanie, on the seam or they can be found on the front or side of the beanie, used as a fashionable trim. Like with hang tags, if you order your custom beanies and labels with The/Studio, we will attach the labels for you. If you order them from a third party, then you can go to a tailor or dry cleaner and they will sew them on for a fee. 

Ready to Start Your Custom Beanie Tag Order? 

The/Studio is here to help you with your custom beanie tag order. When you work with us, you can expect: 

  • Rapid turnaround time 
  • Competitive prices 
  • Low MOQ 
  • Ongoing promotions 
  • High quality 
  • In-house designers 
  • Knowledgeable staff 
  • Over 15 years of experience in custom manufacturing 
  • A plethora of special options and add-ons

Start using the Create Tool (below) to get started! Remember, if you have ANY questions at ANY point during the process, you can contact a Creative Specialist for help!

Design Custom Beanie Tags for Your Outdoor Brand Today!




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