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Custom Biker Patches For Lady Gaga’s Music Video, Judas

Custom Biker Patches for Lady Gaga’s Music Video 

If I had known we created custom biker patches for a Lady Gaga music video, I would of wrote this blog a long time ago. However, I am just finding out about this now! For those of you who do not know who Lady Gaga is, I must give you a lesson in pop culture. You might not know who Lady Gaga is now but after you finish reading this blog, you will become a “little monster” (I will explain this later).

Lady Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She was born and grew up in New York City, the city of theatrical dreams. Around 2006, Stefani’s onstage ultra-ego was created, Lady Gaga. The stage name, Lady Gaga comes from the famous Queen song, “Radio Ga Ga”. In 2008, Lady Gaga would release a single called “Just Dance”. This single would forever change her life and pop culture forever. By 2009, the Lady Gaga phenomenon was in full swing. Fans fell in love with her eccentric style and her onstage antics. Soon her loyal fans would call themselves, “little monsters”.

Now that you know all there is to know about Lady Gaga, let’s talk about the custom biker patches. In 2011, we had the honor of creating custom biker patches for her music video, Judas. This was such an amazing moment for us because our custom patches would forever be apart of pop culture.

The music video opens up with 12 bikers riding their motorcycles. Lady Gaga can be seen on the back of a motorcycle. The opening scene is the first time you see our custom biker patches. The patches are adhered to leather jackets. They are custom back patches, with a skull and their names on them. Lady Gaga actually directed the music video, “Judas”. She said that this video was her greatest work, which makes it even more amazing that our biker patches were featured in this music video.

Seeing our custom patches used in such an artistic way is truly inspiring. We have always viewed patches as wearable art and now it looks like the world it starting to view them like that as well. Thank you Lady Gaga for featuring our custom biker patches in your music video, you used them well!

If you want to check out our custom biker patches view the link below. And let us know what you thought of the music video, comment below!


Lady-Gaga-Judas- custom biker patches




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